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Personal Injury Solicitor: How to decide when to use a specialist accident lawyer to make your UK compensation claim

Personal injury solicitor: find out why it is essential to use a specialist lawyer to make your accident claim, how to decide on the best solicitor to use and how to claim your legal costs from the person who caused your accident.

Should you use a personal injury solicitor to make your claim?

The answer to this question is a resounding, “yes.”

You should always use a personal injury solicitor to make your claim whenever possible.

You may feel confident to pursue your own claim, but there are three main advantages of using an accident solicitor:

personal injury solicitor

Personal Injury Solicitor

1. A personal injury solicitor will know all the different types of losses you can claim

If you attempt to make your own claim it is very likely you will not include all the losses you are entitled to claim.

Take for example a loss known as “loss of assistance in the home”. If as a result of your accident you are unable to do certain jobs that you would ordinarily do in the home. If someone else has to do these jobs for you, even your partner, you are entitled to make a claim for their time.

I have clients contact me on many occasions who are making their own claims. In a short conversation it is amazing to discover how many legitimate losses they had not realised they could claim compensation for.

An insurance company who may have agreed to pay you some compensation is not under any duty to advise you about all the losses you should include.

2. A personal injury solicitor will be able to obtain more compensation for your injuries.

A personal injury specialist solicitor will not only have access to the most recent law on the value of your injury, but in addition will be taken far more seriously than you would be when any offers of compensation are made.

For these reasons a personal injury solicitor is much more likely to negotiate larger sums of compensation than you could if you were making your own claim.

Even with the involvement of an accident solicitor an insurance company responsible for paying your compensation may offer too low a sum of money. Your lawyer will know that by starting your claim in court that insurance company will quickly change its approach and pay the correct sum or be forced by the court to do so.

I have found a reputation is everything – insurance companies and defendant solicitors know who I am. If they don’t make me a good enough offer I will quickly take them to court to force them to do so.

3. A personal injury solicitor will know what evidence is necessary to prove your claim.

Imagine you have been involved in a car crash involving a head on collision with another motor vehicle. In the crash you broke your ribs, suffered severe back pain and you were knocked unconscious.

A specialist personal injury lawyer will know that a consultant orthopaedic report is necessary to describe your broken ribs and back problems. He will also know that the fact your were knocked unconscious suggests an injury to the brain – a consultant neurosurgeon report may be necessary to describe any brain injury.

But what about any psychological injuries? A specialist personal injury lawyer will know to discuss possible symptoms such as sleepless nights, irritation, depression etc which could suggest psychological injury and if necessary have a consultant psychiatric report prepared. Compensation for psychological injury can be quite substantial.

As long as your personal injuries are worth over £1000 your accident solicitor’s fees can also be claimed in addition to your compensation – so there is nothing to lose by using a UK personal injury lawyer.

How do you decide which accident solicitor to contact to discuss your accident claim?

This website offers two useful ways of choosing the solicitor with the right expertise to make your claim:

1. I have written a very useful page explaining how to choose the best personal injury lawyer to contact to make your claim.

Click personal injury lawyer to learn what you should look out for when choosing an accident solicitor.

2. I offer a facility at no charge to yourself whereby I will look at your particular accident circumstances including location, I will contact you by e mail or phone to discuss your potential claim and if need be I will even select a specialist accident lawyer who I feel is able to help you and with your permission have them contact you.

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On this page you have seen the advantages of using a personal injury solicitor to make your compensation claim, how to choose the best solicitor and how your legal costs will be paid if your personal injuries are worth over £1000.

There are a number of ways of having your legal fees funded in making an accident claim. I recommend you:

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