How can I fund a solicitor’s legal costs of making a criminal injury compensation appeal in the cheapest manner?

Funding legal costs of a criminal injury compensation appeal: I want to appeal against my CICA claim decision and am shopping around to find a solicitor to help me.

A: If it is often quite sensible you use a solicitor to appeal a decision from the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority (CICA).

The legal cost of using a solicitor will normally be more than offset by the increase in the criminal compensation you are likely to receive.

I would, however, be very careful about using the cheapest solicitor as this may not necessarily be the best.

The procedure I recommend you follow to choose the solicitor is as follows:

1. Choose a solicitor who has experience of appealing decisions from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority

criminal injury compensation appeal

Criminal Injury Compensation Appeal

A CICA appeal is heard by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Appeals Panel (CICAP) – the appeal will normally take place by way of a hearing in front of CICAP tribunal.

As the appeal is a rehearing of your criminal injuries claim; the CICAP can either: uphold the decision of the CICA, reduce or increase the award originally made by the CICA or there is even a risk of zero compensation.

It is therefore very important you have the correct UK solicitor acting for you as the object of your appeal is to receive more criminal injury compensation.

I have written a detailed article on my site explaining how to choose the best solicitor for your CICA appeal.

Click criminal injury lawyer to find out how to choose the best UK personal injury lawyer to make a Criminal Injury Compensation Appeal claim:

2. The best and cheapest way to fund the cost of a solicitor to make your Criminal Injury Compensation Appeal

My website has a very useful explanation of how best to fund a CICA or CICAP claim – critical to your decision is whether to pay a percentage, fixed fee or a private rate. By using the link below you will find out which will be the best and cheapest way to fund your particular CICA claim.

Click compensation advice this link to know the best and cheapest way to fund the legal costs of making a criminal injury compensation appeal.

3. Further assistance with your CICA claim

I can help you in your search for a solicitor you need only complete and send a confidential online form. I will locate a specialist solicitor and have him contact you free of charge to discuss your Criminal Injury Compensation Claim.

Click criminal injury compensation appeal funding costs solicitor to have a specialist contact you free of charge to discuss your CICA claim.