Solicitor Northern Ireland: How to find specialist personal injury lawyers to help you claim compensation following an accident in Northern Ireland

If you suffer an injury in an accident in Northern Ireland you will most likely need the assistance of a Northern Irish practising solicitor.

There are other occasions when you might need a Northern Irish solicitor, such as if you are injured overseas on a package holiday and booked your holiday in Northern Ireland or you are ordinarily resident in Northern Ireland and are injured in a road accident in Europe (involving a motor vehicle).

In both of these examples – a Northern Irish solicitor can assist you with a claim for compensation within the Northern Irish legal jurisdiction.

Click Northern Irish accident claim solicitor to see an index of the parts of Northern Ireland that you might wish to find a solicitor.

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If you think you might need help form a solicitor in England, Wales or Scotland – click Solicitor England, Solicitor Wales or Solicitor Scotland.