Trip Slip Fall Claims Solicitor

Trip Slip Fall Claims Solicitor: How to choose the best lawyer to claim compensation for an accident in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland And Wales

Trip Slip Fall Claims Solicitor: find why a trip slip fall claims solicitor requires a wide level of personal injury experience to win your claim, the common types of accident claims on private and public land, the UK slip trip claims process and how to obtain free legal help before deciding which lawyer to contact to make your compensation claim.

What is a trip slip fall claims solicitor?

If you suffer a trip, slip or fall on the roads or pavements, on private property (shops and supermarkets), in the workplace or at school you might seek the help of a specialist solicitor.

trip slip fall claims solicitor

Trip Slip Fall Claims Solicitor

When the phrase “trip slip fall claims solicitor” is used – it typically refers to a lawyer who specializes in claims against the council or highways authority for accidents caused from defects on the roads and pavements or claims against businesses for accidents caused the public in shops and supermarkets. This can be referred to as “public liability” – the duty owed to the public on public land or private land accessible by the general public.

Trip slips and falls also happen on private land, such as at a domestic dwelling or in the workplace. Once you are on private land – the owner of the property or the business that operates from the property is considered an “occupier” and owes a duty to keep all visitors safe and sometimes must keep certain classes of trespasser safe. This is known as “occupiers liability”.

Employers owe an additional duty to keep employees safe at work which is classed as “employers liability”.

What are the most common types of claims for slip, trip and fall accidents in the UK?

The most common types of trip slip fall accident you might suffer include:

1. Slip in a shop or supermarket

Spillages in shops and supermarkets are common and should you suffer an accident as a result of an unseen danger it is likely you will have a claim.

2. Trip or fall on a pavement or road

You pay council tax in part to keep the roads, pavements and streets properly maintained. If a council or highways authority does not fulfill their duty correctly and as a result you suffer injury you could well have a claim for compensation.

3. Trip, slip or fall at work

Workplaces can be hazardous places – an employer must ensure the safety of workers and visitors. Fencing off dangerous areas and avoiding dangerous spillages to avoid an accident at work..

4. School accidents

Children are prone to accidents – the younger the child the more care should be taken by those entrusted with their safety. You might have need of a trip slip fall claims solicitor if your child slips at school or whilst on a school trip supervised by school staff.

What is the trip slip fall accident claims process in the UK?

The trip slip fall claims process can vary depending where your accident happened.

Click claim slip trip fall to see the claims process from start to finish in the UK for all manner of trip slip fall accident.

How do you choose a specialist trip slip fall claims solicitor?

Choosing a trip slip fall claims solicitor with the correct level of expertise can be difficult. Slips and trips requires knowledge of many different aspects of personal injury law, which many solicitors simply do not have.

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