Can I claim compensation for a trip accident in Leeds city centre?

Claim compensation for a trip: Last week I was walking to the train station in Leeds city centre. It was just after work around 5pm so the streets were packed with people. Suddenly I felt my feet become entrapped and I fell heavily. A work colleague who was just in front of me heard me clatter to the floor and came to my assistance.

We looked as to what had made me fall and around one of my feet was a loop of industrial tape – the type used to bind boxes together.

claim compensation for a trip

Claim Compensation For A Trip

Initially I was in shock and embarrassed – my left elbow was sore and my knees were grazed. I told my friend that I would be okay and got onto the train to Bradford. I put the tape in my briefcase with the intention of showing my wife what had caused me to trip and fall.

On the train – the pain from my left elbow started to increase and when I couldn’t bend it properly I realised that the fall had caused more injury than I thought. I telephoned my wife in Bradford and asked her to meet me at the station, when my train from Leeds arrived, to take me to hospital.

I went to hospital and was diagnosed with a fractured elbow and was signed off work for two weeks.

A: Whether you can claim compensation for a trip, slip or fall accident in the UK will depend on the following:

1. To have the right to claim compensation for a trip, slip or fall accident the tape must have presented a clear danger to pedestrians

I am familiar with the type of tape you have described. It is strong and unyielding and it is certainly a tripping risk to pedestrians especially in a busy city centre, such as Leeds, during the rush hour. When so many people are on the streets it is difficult to see what is on the floor ahead of you and a pedestrians would not expect to have their feet entangled in such tape.

You have fortunately retained the tape and you have a witness so you have evidence to show how your accident happened. I presumed you will have told the hospital also what happened and a record would be made on your hospital notes which will also help to prove your claim.

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2. The person responsible for your accident claim for compensation for a trip, slip or fall must be established

In the UK you must claim compensation from someone of for a trip slip or fall. That someone can of course be a business entity or a local council.

In your particular tripping accident it is difficult to know who was responsible for the tape being present on the street. This does not mean it is impossible to find out – it may be that a business in the area is well known by other local bsinesses for discarding tape on the street.

Perhaps by asking local shops and comparing the tape you have to the ones used by businesses you may have someone prepared to say that they saw someone discard the tape and be able to identify the business and person who did the act.

Perhaps there have been complaints or even accidents like this in the past.

3. Legal help to investigate whether you have a UK claim for compensation following a trip accident

Very few accident solicitors would be prepared to investigate a claim such as yours without it costing you any money.

However, there is a glimmer of hope. You might have the benefit of some form of legal protection insurance – perhaps on your household contents insurance.

This might well fund the cost of a UK specialist trip slip fall solicitor investigating your accident and claim. It might be that after investigation – no evidence is found to determine who was responsible, but at least you will be satisfied that you tried everything possible to make a tripping accident compensation claim.

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4. Free assistance choosing a UK specialist trip slip fall solicitor

Trips, slips and falls can often be quite complex and involve significant injury – gravity can be a might foe. My site offers various forms of free assistance, including having a UK specialist trip slip fall solicitor contact you to discuss making your claim for compensation for a trip injury.

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