Accident Claim Barristers

Barristers or advocates are the type of UK lawyers that normally do not have direct instructions from the public. Instead solicitors will normally be approached by the public and the solicitor will instruct a barrister to stand up in court on their client’s behalf.

accident claim barristers

Accident Claim Barristers

The barrister will often also be instructed to give specific advice in writing or in a conference in Chambers (barristers work in Chambers and a meeting, known as a conference, in chambers for personal injury matters will often involve a barrister, solicitor, medical experts and the client).

Both barristers and solicitors typically have an area of expertise. For example, a solicitor specialising in accident claims, would instruct a barrister specialising in personal injury law.

Professional bodies monitoring barristers

Professional bodies across the nations of the UK supervise barristers and the register they hold can assist in choosing a the correct personal injury lawyer for your particular accident claim.

Bar Council – Barristers In England And Wales

The Bar Council is the organisation that represents and registers barristers practising law in England and Wales. You can search for a barrister using the find a barrister facility.

Faculty Of Advocates In Scotland

The Faculty Of Advocates is the organisation representing independent lawyers who can act as advocates in the courts of Scotland.

The Bar Of Northern Ireland

The Bar Of Northern Ireland is the institution representing lawyers in Northern Ireland who are qualified to act as barristers in the Northern Irish courts.