Whiplash Compensation Lawyer: Should the solicitor who is making my injury claim need a barrister’s opinion?

Whiplash compensation lawyer: I had a very serious whiplash injury in which two spinal vertebrae in my neck were broken and I am scheduled for a spinal fusion operation. My accident happened 2 years ago and I have not been able to work, since that time.

My whiplash compensation lawyer advises that he wishes a barrister’s opinion to decide how much my claim is worth.

whiplash compensation lawyer

Whiplash Compensation Lawyer

A: It is difficult for me to answer your question in full without knowing more about your accident, injury and other financial losses.

I recommend you raise any queries you have, including the use of a barrister, directly with your whiplash compensation lawyer as he will be familiar with all the details of your claim.

I will say that obtaining a barrister’s opinion is quite common in compensation claims of high value for the following reasons:

1. The different expertise of a barrister and your whiplash compensation lawyer

The legal profession in England and the majority of the United Kingdom is divided into two clear divisions – the barrister and the solicitor. Technically both are known as lawyers.

The solicitor deals directly with clients and is familiar with procedural law (how to run a compensation claim) – your UK whiplash compensation lawyer should be a solicitor.

The barrister focuses on legal research and advocacy (speaking in court normally at trial) and is instructed by a solicitor. A barrister does not have contact with you the client except through the solicitor.

2. What is a barrister’s opinion needed for in your UK whiplash compensation claim?

When your compensation claim is likely to be worth a large amount of money it is good practice for your whiplash compensation lawyer to seek a barrister’s opinion.

In this opinion the barrister will comment on all of the evidence available in your accident claim, research the update position of the law and effectively give a second opinion as to how much your claim is worth as well as any additional evidence that is necessary to maximise the amount of compensation you should receive.

From the description you have given it appears that your whiplash claim will be worth a lot of money – not least you have two years lost income and I suspect that this may continue into the future.

3. Can the cost of a barrister’s opinion be claimed by your whiplash compensation lawyer from the person who was at fault for your accident?

“Yes,” so long as a barrister’s opinion was necessary, which it should be as you appear to have a serious injury with large financial losses.

In any event a barrister can be instructed on a “no win no fee” basis.

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4.Make use of my wedsite guidance as to the UK whiplash compensation legal process

My website describes in plain English the legal process in the United Kingdom for all road traffic accidents – whiplash is just one type of RTA claim. You will also find specific pages on each type of road accident including whiplash injury claims.

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