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Broken Shin: Specialist solicitor explains how much accident compensation you can claim for a fractured shinbone in the UK

Broken shin: Find out what the shinbone is medically called, when you can claim compensation for your broken shin, the different types of fracture you might suffer, the importance of a medical report in calculating the amount of compensation you can claim with examples of compensation amounts for different types of fracture you might suffer.

What is a broken shin claim?

If you were involved in an accident in which your shinbone was fractured or broken and you consider someone to be at fault you will very likely be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

broken shin

Broken shin

The shin is the name given to the larger bone at the front of the lower part of your leg between your knee and ankle. The technical name for this bone is the tibia.

What type of accidents can cause a broken shin bone?

Many types of accident can produce the force necessary to fracture your shin – some common accidents which give rise to claims for compensation include: car accidents, motorcycle injuries, work claims, slips trips and falls on the public highway, injuries at school, sporting accidents such as skiing, rugby or football.

So long as your solicitor can show that someone was negligent or legally at fault for your injuries you will be entitled to claim>

Are there different types of broken shin?

A broken shin is medically known as a type of fractured shinbone – fractures can take many different forms including: hairline fractures, displaced fractures, spiral fractures, compression fractures and multiple fractures are just a few examples.

Click fracture claims to see the article I have written describing all the different types of broken and fractured bone you might suffer.

How does your solicitor calculate the amount of compensation your broken shin is worth?

The amount of compensation you can claim for a broken shin can only be assessed by your solicitor once a proper medical diagnosis and report from an independent orthopaedic consultant has been prepared.

It is very rare that your broken shin will be fully healed before negotiations take place to settle your claim so medical evidence to know what the future holds is essential. A medical report will be based on a careful examination of your medical notes (both GP and hospital notes), any scans or x rays together with a physical examination and interview with you in person.

The medical expert will then be able to set out exactly the type of broken shin you have, the symptoms you have suffered to date and what the future holds for your recovery together with any long term effect you may have and any disabilities.

Your lawyer will compare your injuries to cases decided by the courts in the past to see what awards for compensation were made, which is adjusted in accordance with inflation.

Examples of broken shin bone compensation amounts?

Examples of various broken shin bones and how much compensation your settlement might be worth for pain and suffering if your claim concludes in 2018, include:

1. Simple fracture average claim payouts

A simple fracture of the shin with possible bruising and cuts with a complete recovery – you could expect settlement amounts of: £2,200 to £8,000

2. Incomplete recovery from broken shin settlements

In some broken shin accidents you might have to have a steel rod inserted into your leg, which could lead to a permanent handicap such as an inability to walk correctly. For this type of broken shin claim your compensation will be calculated between: £8,000 to £24,500

3. Very serious multiple fractures with disability and pain

You might have a need for crutches, constant pain and an extended period of non-weight bearing in which case your average settlement payout could be calculated between: £24,500 to £74,000

Free legal help assessing your broken shin claim

My website offers free online legal help with your broken shin claim with a call back option from me in person to discuss your claim.

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