Broken Wrists: Average compensation payouts for fractured wrists

Find out in a Q&A the average compensation payouts you can claim for broken wrists in a motorbike accident. We include how to show fault for your accident, the typed of compensation you can claim, how to calculate your fractured wrist payout for different types of fractures with examples of payouts for broken wrists.

The specific accident considered is a motorbike accident, but the compensation amounts are the same for all types of accident. It is the injury that attracts the compensation not the type of accident.

Broken Wrists Motorbike Accident Victim Question

I was approaching a roundabout on my motorbike in Cardiff on my way to work in Newport. I slowed down and stopped to give way to cars on the roundabout when I was suddenly thrown forward with great force maybe approximately 15 foot.

I put my hands out to break my fall and as a result suffered two broken wrists and an injured knee.

My injuries required an operation on both wrists and the insertion of plates. My knee injury was initially suspected to be a fracture of the patella, but turned out to be cuts requiring a few stitches and severe bruising.

The police and ambulance attended at the scene. I understand the vehicle that hit me was a van driver and he is being prosecuted by the police – he was distracted using a mobile phone at the time of the accident.

I wish to know how to make a claim and wonder the average compensation payouts I am likely to recover for my broken wrists and knee injury?

Motorbike Wrist Fracture Claim

Personal Injury Solicitor Response

The facts of your motorbike accident seem quite clear. As significant personal injury was experienced at the accident scene, the police are obliged to produce a report of the accident scene. This report will include the findings at the scene of the accident (skid marks, points of impact on the vehicles, etc.) and will include witness evidence.

See our article setting out the evidence that can support your motorbike accident claim.

The police will give their evidence to the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service), who will determine if the van driver’s error was sufficient to warrant a prosecution under the criminal law.

Your description of the mechanics of the accident and the fact that the police are prosecuting the van driver – suggest that the driver (in turn his motor insurer) will be found legally responsible for your accident.

See our article explaining how to show legal fault in a road accident.

The types of compensation you can claim

You will be able to claim compensation from the van driver for the pain and suffering for your injuries – together will all direct financial losses, such as the damage to your motor bike, clothing, lost income, medical expenses, etc.

Calculating the average compensation payout for broken wrist injuries

The amount of compensation you can claim for your broken wrists and knee injury – depend on the exact nature of your injuries. For instance, a broken wrist is a type of fracture – which in itself can be a clean break, displaced, spiral, comminuted (the same bone broken in at least two places), etc.

We note that you have plates inserted, so we imagine your wrist fractures were of a relatively serious nature.

The only way to determine the exact nature of your injuries is to instruct a solicitor to help you make your claim. Your solicitor will in turn instruct a medical expert – here an orthopaedic surgeon, to compile a report setting out your injuries, the treatment required both now and into the future with a prognosis describing how long you are likely to suffer on-going symptoms and any disabilities you might have together with the effect on your ability to work and participate in hobbies, etc.

With this report your solicitor can determine the average payout you are likely to receive for your specific injuries.

In the event of serious multiple injuries or complexity a solicitor may take the opinion of a barrister to determine how much your claim is worth.

Examples of broken wrist average claim payouts

Minor displaced wrist fractures

If your broken wrist is minimally displaced or undisplaced – you could expect to claim a compensation payout of up to £4,500

Colles’ fracture amounts

A Colles’ fracture is considered a more serious type of broken wrist, but should this heal without any ongoing pain – the compensation settlement you could expect for pain and suffering for a broken wrist would be up to £6,500

Broken wrists with ongoing symptoms

For more examples of compensation payout amounts for all manner of more serious wrist injury see our wrist injury compensation article.

Knee injury compensation

See our knee injury claim article setting out the amounts of compensation you can claim for all manner of knee injury.

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