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Shoulder Subluxation Claim: Compensation Payout For A Partially Dislocated Shoulder

Find out in a Q&A the evidence your solicitor needs to show how much your shoulder subluxation claim (partial dislocation of shoulder claim) is worth with examples of average compensation payouts for pain and suffering.

Payout Table For Shoulder Subluxation Claims In 2023

Shoulder SubluxationClaim Payout
Partial Dislocation£12,800 – £48,000

Shoulder subluxation injury claim question

How much compensation can I claim for a shoulder subluxation following an accident at work?

Heavy box fell from a shelf at factory

I am currently being assessed by a consultant concerning a shoulder injury I obtained a month ago whilst at work.

I was clearing items from the floor in the factory where I work when a large box weighing 20 or 30 kilos fell from the top of a shelf as I was crouched down and me with full force on my shoulder.

Shelf know to be unstable

I later found out that the shelf was unstable and this was known at work, but had yet to be replaced. This is what had caused the box to fall.

Shelf replaced

The accident was witnessed by a supervisor and an entry was made on the accident book and the shelf was quickly replaced.

Shoulder pain symptoms

I was in a great amount of pain which lasted for a while.  I however continued to work and expected the shoulder pain to just go away.

By the time a month had passed I found the pain had changed and I was in excruciating pain almost every time I went to work in the factory.

Subluxation of AC joint diagnosed

I saw a physiotherapist who assessed me and diagnosed subluxation of the AC joint to be the issue.  I had a full course of physiotherapy, however it didn’t help with the pain.  I was referred to my consultant who administered a cortisone injection after taking x-rays which confirmed the shoulder subluxation.

MRI to check if ligaments ruptured

The cortisone was unsuccessful at easing the pain and so as he suspected I may have also ruptured ligaments and so he arranged an MRI.

Need for surgery

I will see him next week about these results, however he has already explained that the only option now will be surgery followed by physiotherapy to hopefully regain full use of my shoulder and alleviate the pain.

Employer accepted liability

My work union put me in touch with their lawyers regarding compensation claims, and my employer has already accepted liability to them for the accident.

Unhappy with current solicitors

The solicitors are currently waiting for their medical specialist to come back with details for them to further act.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been happy with their service at all so far.

I appreciate until the surgery is arranged and completed that it is difficult to act, however just general mistakes with admin tasks and lack of information have led me to consider using a different firm.

Estimate of compensation payout

Also, I was wanting to try and find out an estimate figure of how much I can expect to receive in compensation for this type of injury.  For now they refuse to give any details at all.

As I say I appreciate that without full diagnosis/treatment completed it isn’t going to be possible to give an exact figure, but I am looking for any information… just as a ballpark figure.  I’ve currently missed around 1 month of work and likely to be another 2-3 after surgery.

Loss of overtime pay

I have so far received my full basic salary, however I am still losing around £1,000 a month in overtime pay and I am due shortly to only receive SSP, which will mean I will lose a further £2,500 per month.

Any help or information you can provide would be hugely appreciated.

Accident At Work Solicitor Response

shoulder subluxation
Shoulder Subluxation Claim

Calculating how much your shoulder subluxation claim is worth

Medical expert report

Looking solely at the issue of quantum (how much a claim is worth) – you should note that until the independent expert medical evidence is complete it is not possible to give you an accurate estimate as to how much your claim is worth.

Compensation for your pain and suffering

The primary reason being – it is the prognosis (the opinion of the medical expert as to overall recovery time or future disability), which is the essential factor in calculating the amount of compensation for pain and suffering (general damages).

Shoulder subluxation claim payout

Currently your likely payout for pain and suffering doe a shoulder subluxation in 2023 is between £12,800 – £48,000.

See our shoulder dislocation article – for more details on the different symptoms you need to experience to better calculate your compensation payout.

Financial loss and expense as a direct result of your shoulder subluxation

The amount for general damages will be added to financial losses you are specifically incurring – both now and until recovery occurs (special damages).

Once the medical evidence is complete you can use our shoulder dislocation claim article for a full explanation of the two types of shoulder dislocation – a luxation (full dislocation) and a shoulder subluxation (partial dislocation) – together with regular updates of compensation amounts.

In addition, to the compensation for pain and suffering (general damages) there will no doubt be a significant claim for lost income and other financial losses (special damages).

See our article setting out the difference between general damages (pain and suffering) and special damages (financial losses).

Consider lost income

Your initial loss of earnings has been limited to overtime pay at £1,000 per month. However, your lost income is soon to increase to around £3,500 per month.

We must bear in mind that, despite an optimistic recovery expert opinion given by your treating doctors following surgery, it could well be that your return to work might be slow and you may have permanent limitations affecting your ability to work (and so your earning capacity).

Compensation for disadvantage on the open labour market

The medical expert should also comment on your ability to work both before and after surgical intervention and even if a full return to work is possible – the issue of disadvantage on the open labour market must be considered.

Should you wish to discuss your claim with our solicitors in person or discuss any other points concerning your claim or how to calculate compensation amounts for a shoulder subluxation injury claim – take a look at our online / telephone free help options.