Meniscus Tear Claim

Tear Of Meniscus Claim: UK solicitor sets out average compensation payout amounts for cartilage damage in your knee following an accident

Tear of meniscus claim: find out what a meniscus in your knee is, how the medial and lateral menisci can be damaged in an accident with examples of average compensation payout amounts for a tear of meniscus claim in the UK.

What is the tear of meniscus claim?

The meniscus is cartilage in your knee lying between your femur (thigh bone) and your tibia (shin bone). Your knee has two menisci – the medial meniscus is on the inside of your knee and the lateral meniscus rests on the outside of you knee.

tear of meniscus claim

Tear Of Meniscus Claim

The meniscus is tough and is essential to allow your knees to function, absorb shock and distribute your weight evenly.

Certain accidents can cause damage, pain or even a tear to these cartilages. This might be a heavy loading or machine failure accident at work or even a large impact on your knee as in a car or motorbike road traffic accident.

If you have suffered cartilage damage in this way you might be entitled to make a tear of meniscus claim for compensation from the party considered legally at fault for your injury.

How do you determine the amount of compensation a tear of meniscus claim is worth?

You will need the help of a specialist solicitor to claim compensation for menisci damage.

Your solicitor will instruct a medical expert to examine your knee and consider your hospital and GP notes together with any x-rays or scans of knee. The correct medical expert is likely to be an orthopaedic consultant who specialises in knee injuries.

This medical expert will set out in a report an opinion as to the exact nature of your injuries, the level of pain you are experiencing, whether an operation or surgery is necessary to help remedy your problems and the expert will provide a prognosis giving an estimate as to how long you are likely to suffer pain, the risk of arthritis and any ankle instability, impairment or disability you might have.

Based upon this report your lawyer will be able to review case law for compensation amounts awarded by the courts in the past for similar injuries and so determine how much your tear of meniscus claim is worth.

The medical report should also set out the reasonableness of any time of work and the risk of future time of work or disadvantages in your current job together with risks of finding future employment should you lose your current job. Your solicitor will therefore be able to determine the amount of compensation you can claim for both past and future lost income together with a disadvantage on the open labour market.

Average compensation payouts for your tear of meniscus claim

Below I have set a compensation calculator with examples of the amounts of compensation you can claim for tear of meniscus claims in 2018:

1. Torn meniscus claim with complete recovery

If you suffer a tear to the medial or lateral meniscus, but the tear is relatively minor and leads to a complete recovery in a short time period your tear of meniscus claim is likely to be worth: up to £12,000

2. Tear of menisci claim with on-going instability

If you require surgery to help remedy your torn meniscus and you are left with on-going minor instability, on-going pain or disability – your tear of meniscus claim is likely to lead to an average payout calculated between: £12,000 and £23,000

3. Meniscus injury leading to restriction of movement of your knee

In the more severe damage to your medical and lateral meniscus leading to more severe instability in your knee, limitation of movement and degenerative changes such as arthritis – average payouts for your tear of meniscus claim could be between: £23,000 and £38,000

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Free online specialist solicitor help with your tear of meniscus claim

To make your tear of meniscus claim for compensation you will need the assistance of a specialist solicitor. To help you decide if you have a claim – you will likely wish to discuss your accident with a specialist lawyer.

To discuss your torn meniscus claim with Kevin Bolton free of charge or to commence a claim online with a specialist solicitor click knee injury compensation solicitor.