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Defective Work Equipment Compensation: How to show an employer is responsible for a work accident involving defective or faulty equipment, tools or machinery

Discover what work equipment is, when it is considered defective, how to show your employer is responsible for your injury; how to make a defective work equipment compensation claim against your employer, calculate typical payout amounts by body part with access to specialist solicitor online free help.

What is a defective work equipment compensation claim?

The definition of “work equipment” is deliberately interpreted widely, so as to include most types of tools and machinery at work.

Work equipment is any machine, tool or device provided by an employer to assist a worker (whether an employee, contractor or self-employed individual treated as though an employee) in the execution of their job.

It can include factory machines – such as presses, tools (such as drills) or devices (such as elevators).

It includes equipment which is at the place of work or equipment required to be used by employees to do their job even if not at the workplace itself – such as the tools required to be used by a plumber at customers’ various home addresses.

Work equipment is considered defective simply if it does not work as it is supposed to.

If the defect causes an employee injury – a defective work equipment compensation claim can be made.

How do you show your employer is responsible to pay you compensation for personal injury from defective machines, equipment and tools at work?

You will be pleased to hear that so long as you can show that work equipment is defective and that you have suffered injury as a result – you are entitled to claim compensation.

You do not have to show that employer is at fault for the defect only that the defect exists – this is known as “strict liability“.

In other words – it does not matter if the equipment was new, was recently serviced and was well maintained – so long as it is not functioning correctly it is defective and as such your employer is responsible for any injuries such equipment causes.

How much work injury compensation can you claim?

The amount of compensation you can claim depends simply on the nature of the injury you suffer.

See our compensation payout calculator to see an alphabetical list of body parts together with compensation amounts you can recover for various different severity of injury.

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Faulty Work Machinery Claim

How do you claim compensation for injury from defective work equipment?

The best way to succeed in a defective work equipment claim is to use specialist work related accident solicitors – this way you will benefit from the expertise to not only win your claim, but also ensure you receive the correct amount of compensation

In addition to your compensation you should be able to claim your work accident solicitor costs from your employer if you win your claim – your lawyer will explain how to do this.

Defective Work Equipment Summary & Next Steps

In this article you have seen when work equipment is considered defective and how your employer is responsible for paying compensation if that equipment causes you injury.

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