Italy Law Firm

Italy Law Firm: Claiming personal injury compensation for accidents in Italy

Find out how to claim from the UK for certain types of accident in Italy and how to find an Italian English speaking lawyer.

Can you claim compensation for an accident in Italy using a UK lawyer?

Italian lawyers

Italian lawyers

Certain types of accident in Italy can be claimed from the UK – some examples include: European road traffic accidents, package holiday claims, aircraft accidents

You would however need the assistance of a specialist overseas accident solicitor.

Some other types of accident claim would have to be made in Italy with the assistance of an Italian lawyer.

How do you find an English speaking Italian Lawyer?

The law in Italy is very different than that in the UK. Should you need help an English speaking lawyer in Italy click British Embassy Italy – Law Firms With English Speaking Lawyers.

Using the British Embassy in Italy website you can access a list of Italy law firms with English speaking lawyers (each with a helpful description of the type of law the Italy law firm specialises in).

How to determine when to use a UK lawyer of an Italian law firm

Knowing which lawyer to use following an accident in Italy can be difficult to determine.

Click Italian accident claims to speak to a specialist overseas accident solicitor and receive free online legal help and assistance.