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Medical Negligence Claims Solicitor: How to choose a specialist lawyer to help you claim clinical negligence compensation

Find out in an answer to our clinical negligence online Q&A – the process you can follow to find a specialist medical negligence claims solicitor.

Medical negligence compensation question

How do I choose the best UK medical negligence claims lawyer to help recover compensation on my behalf following injury as a result of clinical error?

Medical negligence claims solicitor response

You should choose a specialist medical negligence claims solicitor to help you recovery compensation following a clinical error.

Before contacting a solicitor – we recommend you take the following steps:

1. Search with the Law Society for an accredited solicitor

The Law Society has an accreditation scheme whereby it approves a medical negligence lawyer as a specialist. At the time of writing this article – there exist two accreditation schemes for UK injury lawyers – an accredited personal injury lawyer and an accredited clinical negligence solicitor.

We recommend you choose a Law Society accredited specialist clinical negligence claims lawyer who is also accredited as a personal injury solicitor. You will then have the benefit of a rounded solicitor, who is also a specialist, and so ensure you maximise the amount of compensation you can receive.

2. Appreciate the process a medical negligence claims solicitor should follow in making your compensation claim in the United Kingdom

We have published several articles describing in plain English the process of making a medical negligence claim, including how best to fund the legal expense of your claim

3. See our detailed article describing the process of choosing a clinical injury compensation solicitor

See our clinical injury compensation solicitor article for a detailed analysis of how to choose a medical negligence solicitor to help you claim compensation.

medical negligence claims solicitor

Medical Negligence Claims Solicitor

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