RTA Injury Compensation

RTA:  How to claim injury compensation if you have been involved in a road traffic accident

RTA: Find out what a road traffic accident is; when the law allows you you to claim compensation for personal injury and how to calculate the amounts of RTA compensation you can claim.

What is a RTA?

rta compensation claim

RTA Compensation claim

A RTA is an abbreviated term referring to a road traffic accident. It is in more recent times referred to as a road traffic collision or a RTC.

A road traffic accident typically involves the collision between two mechanically propelled vehicles on a public road, which might include cars, lorries, motorcycles, etc.

The term RTA does however extend to include a collision between one mechanically propelled vehicle and a pedestrian or cyclist.

When can you claim personal injury compensation for a RTA?

In the UK we operate on a fault based system – this means to make a claim for personal injury the other driver or third party must be proved as being legally at fault for the RTA.

The Highway Code largely governs the rules of the road and is the first and best source to refer to, so as to help establish legal fault.

In addition to compensation for personal injury the innocent accident victim can also claim for vehicle damage, medical expenses and other losses caused as a direct result of you accident.

If you have comprehensive motor insurance – such policy will typically pay for your vehicle damage irrespective of fault.

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How to calculate the amount of compensation you can claim for personal injury in a RTA

Your will typically need the help of a socialist solicitor to assist with making your compensation claim. Your solicitor will instruct an independent medical expert to detail all of your physical and psychological injuries in a medico legal report. From the report your solicitor will be able to compare your injuries to similar injuries decided by the courts in the past to calculate a range of values for the amount of compensation you can expect to recover for pain and suffering.

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Remember – in addition to compensation for your injuries you can claim compensation for financial loss.

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