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Tongue Injury Claim: Compensation for tongue deformity due to hospital error

In answering a parent’s online question concerning a tongue injury claim due to the lack of medical treatment – we explain how to establish if you have a claim,when the hospital failed to treat your child following an accident leading to tongue deformity, speech difficulties and scarring.

Tongue Injury Claim Question

My daughter, who was 4-years-old at the time, had an accident at home falling off a chair and biting into her tongue very badly. We took her to hospital immediately, but the hospital only gave her painkillers and no other treatment. We returned to A7E a few days later as she was having real difficulties with her tongue – but again she was only told to take painkillers.

It is now a few years later. My daughter’s tongue has healed, but she is now left with flap on her tongue that is hampering her ability to speak and she has significant scarring.

I have since been told by my GP that my daughter was not treated correctly by the hospital as she should have had some form of stitching or sutures applied given the severity of her tongue injury.

What should I do to consider a claim for my daughter’s tongue injury?

child tongue injury compensation claim

Child Tongue Injury Compensation Claim

Specialist medical injury solicitor response

It is possible your daughter may have a claim for hospital error – especially as there is a deformity to her tongue and her ability to speak.

The first step before any clinical negligence claim should be made – is to go through the patient complaints procedure of the hospital NHS trust – highlighting your legitimate concerns as to the lack of treatment your daughter received and the comments your GP has made. The hospital will not be able to ignore such a complaint and you should receive a formal response in writing.

Based upon your complaint, the response given by the NHS Trust and your description – a clinical negligence solicitor will be able to better assess if your daughter has a claim.

If she does have a tongue injury claim – an independent medical report will be obtained by your solicitor to establish whether there is any corrective surgery, which could remedy the deformity problem, and will also allow the amount of compensation your daughter can claim to be assessed.

Please note – because a claim is being made on behalf of your daughter and she is still a child / minor a special child claims process must be followed to make the tongue injury claim, which will ensure the correct amount of compensation is recovered and compensation monies are protected until your daughter is an adult.

Discussing your potential tongue injury claim with specialist solicitors

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