GP Clinical Negligence: Incorrect Medication Diagnosed Wrong Patients Medical Notes

UK solicitor sets out how to claim clinical negligence if misdiagnosis has occurred and incorrect treatment and medication prescribed as a result of a GP looking at the wrong patient’s notes

Medical Negligence Victim Question

I attended at my GP who examined my GP notes and diagnosed me with a condition I had never suffered with. The treatment of this condition requiring medication which had side effects, including stomach cramps and diarrhoea.

I was on this medication for many months when I returned to the GP to enquire further about the condition.

The GP pulled out my notes and discovered he had mistakenly referred to the wrong patient’s notes and I wasn’t actually suffering from the condition diagnosed.

The GP apologised, but I have been taking medication which has had significant side effects and I wish to know whether I can claim compensation.

Clinical Negligence Solicitor Response

It is clear the GP was negligent in referring to the wrong patient’s medical notes when diagnosing your condition.

As the medication seems to have been to a certain degree harmful and produced side affects you have suffered injury and as such a claim can be made against your GP.

You should first write a letter of complaint via the GP patient’s complaints system and thereafter instruct a clinical negligence solicitor to proceed with a claim against the GP practice.

Should you wish to consider making a claim or to discuss the GP’s clinical negligence with me in person free of charge click GP medical negligence compensation claim.