Frozen Shoulder Compensation

Frozen Shoulder Compensation Amounts: Find out how much compensation you are entitled to claim for a manual handling injury in the work place

Frozen shoulder: how much is your frozen shoulder or other shoulder injury in the workplace worth? On this page you will learn how a UK accident lawyer calculates the amount of compensation you can claim for workplace injuries caused by manual handling.

What is a frozen shoulder injury and why is it so often part of an accident at work claim caused by manual handling?

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Frozen Shoulder

A “frozen shoulder” or “adhesive capsulitis”is the medical name given to a shoulder joint that has lost a significant amount of its range of motion in all directions.

Injuries to the shoulder often occur during manual handling due to excessive pressure being placed on the shoulder joint when heavy objects, especially of unusual shapes, are moved by hand often in awkward positions.

For example: your job is to load potatoes from a conveyor belt at waist height into large sacks – when the sacks are full you seal them, put them in crates and when the crates are full you stack them onto a pallet on the floor behind you. It is easy to see how you can receive an injury to your shoulder or back from a combination of the weight, the twisting motion, the awkwardness of the sacks and the continuous nature of the work.

How does your accident lawyer know how much compensation to claim for pain and suffering for your injury at work?

Your accident lawyer is able to value pain and suffering for your injury at work by looking at the sums awarded for a similar injury in the courts in the past.

If a past claim was decided some years ago – your accident lawyer will increase the sum in line with inflation before using it to value your injury as at today’s date.

How much money is your shoulder injury likely to be worth?

The value of your shoulder injury in an accident at work claim depends upon how much pain it causes you and how long your symptoms last.

As a rough guideline, in 2018, you could expect to receive the following payout amounts:

1. Minor shoulder injuries average compensation

Bruising and pain in the joint lasting no more than a year: Up to £3,700

Bruising and pain between 1 and 2 years (no loss of movement): £3,700 – £6,600

2. Frozen shoulder compensation amounts

Compensation calculator for pain and limitation of movement for up to 2 years: £6,600 – £10,700

3. Severe shoulder injury

Severe pain and permanent damage average payouts: Up to £40,500

Back injuries

Back injuries, like shoulder injuries, are quite common during manual handing in the workplace for much the same reason.

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Summary Of Frozen Shoulder At Work Injuries

You have seen why injuries are commonplace during manual handling at work, how your lawyer calculates the value of compensation for your injuries together with examples of how much you can expect to claim for a back or shoulder injury including a frozen shoulder.

Manual handling is just one type of accident at work which is common in the UK – the use of dangerous machinery is another common cause of workplace accidents.

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