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Frozen Shoulder Compensation Payout Calculator

Find out what a frozen shoulder is; the common types of accident that can give rise to a frozen shoulder compensation claim with examples of the amounts of compensation you can claim for shoulder injuries

Table Of Frozen Shoulder Payouts In 2023

Our table sets out how much compensation you can claim for pain, suffering and loss of amenity for a frozen shoulder injury.

Watch out – you can claim for financial loss and expense in addition.

Frozen ShoulderClaim Payout
Symptoms lasting 2 years
£8,000 – £13,000
SevereSee shoulder injury claims

What is a frozen shoulder compensation claim?

A “frozen shoulder” or “adhesive capsulitis” – is the medical name given to a shoulder joint that has lost a significant amount of its range of motion in all directions.

If someone (including businesses and public bodies) is legally at fault for your injury – you may be able to make a frozen shoulder compensation claim.

In other words – a claim for compensation for the pain and suffering your frozen shoulder has caused you plus compensation for any financial loss and expense you have experienced as a direct result of your injury.

Watch out – the burden of proof is on you and your solicitor to prove each aspect of the claim – including the extent of pain and suffering plus all financial losses

What types of accident can cause a shoulder injury?

There are several types of accident that commonly cause frozen shoulder injuries, which include:

Workplace frozen shoulder injuries

Injuries to the shoulder often occur during manual handling due to excessive pressure being placed on the shoulder joint when heavy objects, especially of unusual shapes, are moved by hand often in awkward positions.

For example – imagine your job is to load potatoes from a conveyor belt at waist height into large sacks – when the sacks are full you seal them, put them in crates and when the crates are full you stack them onto a pallet on the floor behind you. It is easy to see how you can receive an injury to your shoulder from a combination of the weight, the twisting motion, the awkwardness of the sacks and the continuous nature of the work.

frozen shoulder compensation claim
Frozen Shoulder Compensation Claim

Road traffic accidents

Frozen shoulder injuries commonly occur in motorcycle accidents – especially as you will often put your arm out to break your fall when you are knocked off your motor bike.

Car accidents too can cause frozen shoulder injuries – when you hit your arm in a collision with another vehicle.

Slip and trip accidents claims

It is instinct when you fall to put your hand out to break your fall. Very often your shoulder will be injured and often this injury may lead to a frozen shoulder.

Frozen shoulder compensation payout amounts

Your personal injury solicitor is able to calculate the likely compensation payout for pain and suffering for your frozen shoulder injury by looking at judicial guidance and cases decided by the courts in the past for similar injuries.

As a rough guideline, in 2023, you could expect to receive the following payout amounts for pain, suffering and loss of amenity for a frozen shoulder injury:

Frozen shoulder injury with symptoms of up to two years

The amount of compensation you can claim for a frozen shoulder injury with symptoms lasting up to 2 years will likely be calculated between £8,000 – £13,000.

More severe types of shoulder injury claims

See our shoulder injury claim article – for details about the amount of compensation you can claim for other types of shoulder injury you might experience and more severe frozen shoulder injuries lasting over 2 years.

Summary Of Frozen Shoulder Claims

In this article we have set out the types of accident that can cause shoulder injuries together with how your solicitor calculates the amount of compensation you can claim for your specific frozen shoulder injury.

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