Criminal Injury Claims Blog: Solicitor Tips On Making Your Claim

If you have been injured as a result of an assault or other crime of violence, a body known as the CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority) can pay you compensation for your injuries.

Find information about when you should use a solicitor and how you can claim compensation direct from the CICA.

See the answers to criminal injury victims’ questions, ask your own question or make a claim.

This blog provides regular updates on the law surrounding criminal injuries with key tips from specialist solicitors.

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Criminal Assault: Claim For Psychological Injury / Lost Income

When can you claim criminal injuries compensation for psychological injury and lost income Find out in a question and answer session with a victim of an assault. Criminal Assault Victim Question I was attacked by three youths – one of whom has been prosecuted for assault. I have suffered injuries to my face and I […]

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Assault In A Club: Who Can I Claim Compensation From?

Find out how to claim compensation if you have been assaulted in a bar or nightclub in the UK If you are assaulted in a nightclub, bar or on the streets, so long as the police are notified and you have a crime reference number you could be entitled to make a criminal injury compensation […]

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Glassed In The Face / Head: Claim Compensation For Scars?

Find out how to claim compensation for scarring if you have been glassed in the head and face If you have received injuries, including scarring, from an attack with a glass or other bottle – this is classed in the UK as a serious crime of violence. So long as you report the matter immediately […]

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