Assault Not Reported To Police: Can I Claim Criminal Injuries Compensation?

Can you claim compensation from the criminal injuries compensation authority of you have not reported an assault to the police, but have attended at hospital for treatment

Assault victim question

I was violently assaulted by a group of youths in London a year ago. I suffered facial injuries, burst blood vessel in eye, bottle/glass cut to head, cracked rib, etc. I did go to hospital, but didn’t report it to police!!

I have made an application for criminal injuries but I have been told by the CICA that my claim will not be successful as I didn’t report the matter to the police. Is this correct?

Criminal Injuries Solicitor Response

For an criminal injuries compensation claim to be successful you must have been injured by a crime of violence and cooperated with the police so far as is possible in bringing the persons who committed the crime to be prosecuted.

The criminal injuries authority will need to see a police reference number, so that enquiries can be made of the police to confirm a criminal injury occurred. In the absence of a crime reference number or a proper report to the police – there is no way to verify that your injuries were as a result of a crime of violence.

The only possibility I can suggest is for you to speak to your GP who should have been sent a copy of the hospital entries and ask your GP to produce a report verifying that you attended hospital and reported your injuries and thereafter contact the police to see if there is a way that you can get a crime reference number.

There is only a slim chance of the police helping you after such a long time – but if they do you can request that the CICA decision be reviewed sending in the crime reference number and the report from your GP.