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Child Accident Claims: Solicitor Explains UK Compensation Process

How is the process of making child accident claims different than that for an adult in the UK?

Child accident claims involve some of the most vulnerable members of society and as such protections are in place to make sure children receive the correct amount of compensation and that money is protected until the child reaches the age of 18 years and effectively becomes an adult.

Some key protections in child accident claims include:

1. A child has until his or her 21 st birthday to start a child accident compensation claim at court before it is legally too late (an adult only has three years to start a claim).

2. Child accidents claims cannot be concluded without the court authorising the amount of compensation as being sufficient.

3. Compensation monies are not given to the parent of the child, but instead are invested by the court into the courts fund office until the child reaches adulthood – the age of 18 years. At this stage the child is free to spend the compensation as he chooses.

4. The courts funds office pools many different amounts of money into a large fund allowing higher interest rates to be obtained on behalf of children.

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