Restrictions In Payments To Criminal Injury Victims: Minor Injuries Criminal Record

What is the effect of the government policy over the last few years to restrict payments for minor criminal injuries, including a broken nose, and to refuse payment to victims with a criminal record

Recent restrictions in payments to criminal injury victims by the CICA could have a profound effect on victims of crime.

The criminal injuries compensation scheme in the UK previously did not make payments for minor injuries worth less than £1,000 and had a  points based system to reduce the payments of compensation to victims who have a criminal record.

Some types of injury, including a broken nose, will now no longer entitle a victim to claim and some individuals with a criminal record will not be able to claim at all.

The reforms are no doubt a cost saving on the public purse, but are they fair?

If you are an innocent victim of a crime of violence, you will understand how your life can be transformed with life changing physical injury and crippling psychological disorders.

Should we really be talking about restricting payment of public monies to such innocent victims who have most likely worked hard all their lives and paid the very tax used to fund such schemes?

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