Rape Victim Criminal Injuries Claim UK: Night Out In Manchester Attack

Find out the process to claim criminal injuries compensation for rape and psychological injury following an attack after a night out in Manchester

Rape victim criminal injuries claim question

I was visiting some friends in Manchester on a night out when I became separated from my friends so I shared a taxi home with a man I met in the taxi rank who was travelling in the same direction. When we got of the taxi he dragged me into the bushes and I was raped.

I was unfortunate to become pregnant and required surgical termination and have received almost a year of trauma counselling before deciding to proceed and attempt a conviction.

The matter is currently in the hands of the police and I am awaiting a trial date.

Please can you give me tell me the criminal injuries claims process?

Criminal injuries solicitor response

The criminal injuries compensation process can be commenced online from the CICA website should you wish to make a claim on your own behalf.

Please click rape criminal injuries compensation to see the overview to the criminal injuries claim procedure.

Very importantly you should start a criminal injuries claim as soon as possible – the maximum time period to start a claim is two years from the date of the incident.

It matters not that your criminal case has not concluded and even if there is no conviction your criminal injuries compensation claim for rape and the associated trauma might still succeed .

If you decide to claim – it might be best to use a solicitor as the amount of compensation you will receive will likely be far higher as your solicitor will know the medical evidence necessary to prove your claim.

Unfortunately – as the CICA is paid from public monies legal fees will not be met so it is likely your solicitor will charge you for the work done or deduct an agreed percentage from your compensation if the claim is successful.