Glassed In The Face / Head: Claim Compensation For Scars?

Find out how to claim compensation for scarring if you have been glassed in the head and face

If you have received injuries, including scarring, from an attack with a glass or other bottle – this is classed in the UK as a serious crime of violence.

So long as you report the matter immediately to the police and cooperate with the police to do all you can to bring the person who glassed you to justice – you will be entitled to claim compensation from a body known as the CICA, which is short for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

Generally – you only have two years to start your claim for compensation from the date of the crime, so it is important that you act as quickly as possible.

A solicitor can help you make a claim or you can apply online with at the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority website.

To see the page I have written setting out how to claim compensation from the CICA if you have been glassed in the face, head or other part of your body – click criminal injury glass scar.