Assault On Holiday In Rome Italy: Claim Compensation For Injuries In A Bar

UK solicitor sets out how to claim criminal injuries compensation for an assault in a European Union country including Rome in Italy

Assault Victim Rome Question

I was in a bar in Rome with a couple of my friends. Suddenly a fight broke out and a broken bottle was thrown across the bar which hit me in the face causing a deep cut. The police attended at the bar and the men who were fighting were arrested.

My friend took me to hospital and I required emergency treatment. I have been left with a nasty scar on my right cheek.

Is there any way to claim compensation?

UK solicitor response

As the injury was in Rome in Italy – your claim is outside the jurisdiction of a UK lawyer, but the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority in the UK has a European help section which will aid you with a claim in an EU country.

Click assault Rome Italy criminal injury claim to see the page I have written explaining how to claim in an EU country including Italy:

To see the page I have written with the link to the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority click assault Rome:

Alternatively, you might have some form of travel insurance and if so it is quite likely you will have legal protection cover which will fund the cost of an Italian lawyer to help you make a criminal injury claim abroad.