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Restaurant Injury Compensation: Claim For Injury Whilst Dining Or Working In A Restaurant

Find out how to claim compensation if you have suffered injury whilst eating in a restaurant.

We use a site visitor question as an example of an unexpected hard substance in food causing tooth damage.

After answering this specific question – we provide links to our articles explaining how to claim for other accidents in a restaurant – such as customer slipping accidents, food poisoning claims and restaurant worker injury.

Restaurant Injury Compensation Claim Question

Am I entitled to make a compensation claim for a tooth damage injury whilst eating in a restaurant?

Dining in restaurant chain

I went to a local well known restaurant chain in London with my girlfriend and ordered bangers and mash.

Hard substance in food

When the food arrived I bit into the sausage and something extremely hard collided with my teeth causing a cracking sound. I immediately felt extreme pain.

Incident reported and restautant accident book entry made

I spat out what seemed to be a bit of bone and I called a waitress over and asked to speak to the restaurant manager. The manager apologised and made an entry in the restaurant accident book.

I retained the piece of bone.

Treatment of tooth damage from dentist

I called my dentist and was informed that two of my pre molar teeth were badly cracked, one had to be extracted and the other required a crown.

Restaurant Injury Claim Solicitor Response

From the facts you have described it is likely that you will be entitled to claim compensation from the restaurant for your dental injuries.

Hard substance not expected in type of restaurant food consumed

Clearly when you purchase a bangers and mash you do not expect a piece of bone or other form of hard substance to be in the sausage.

Foreseeable that teeth could be damaged or other injury caused

It is entirely foreseeable that you can suffer damage to your teeth from the bone.

restaurant compensation claim
Restaurant Compensation Claim

Evidence to support your restaurant injury claim

You have indicated that you attended with your dentist and reported the matter immediately to the restaurant manager who made a record in the accident book and you have helpfully obtained the bone or / hard item which caused you injury.

This is valuable evidence to prove that the restaurant was at fault for your teeth damage.

Restaurant’s public liability insurance

The restaurant will invariably have public liability insurance to meet claims for compensation for customers, and other visitors, who are injured (subject to the restaurant being shown at fault as a matter of law).

Use a specialist personal injury solicitor to make your claim

We recommend you use a specialist personal injury solicitor to help make your restaurant injury compensation claim.

Compensation for pain and suffering plus dental treatment expense

Consideration would need to be given to the pain and suffering for the dental injury together with the likely substantial costs for treatment on your teeth and potential future treatment.

Dental report dealing with current and future dental treatment

Your solicitor will obtain an independent dental report setting out the extent of your injuries together with the dental work required and your future needs.

Other types of customer and restaurant worker injury claims

There are many different types of accident and injury that can be suffered in a restaurant – to both customers dining in the restaurant and workers employed by the restaurant.

We have several articles explaining how to claim compensation for each type of restaurant injury, which include:

Slip on a wet floor and trip accidents

See our article explaining how to claim compensation for slip and trip accidents.

Food poisoning claims

Food poisoning can occur often in a restaurant. We explain how to claim compensation if you suffer injury from food poisoning.

Restaurant worker injury

Workers – whether employees of self-employed, are often entitled to claim compensation for injury at work. See our accident at work article explaining when and how to claim compensation for worker injury.

Heavy lifting injury

Manual handling is a common cause of injury in a restaurant. See our manual handling injury article for more details on how to claim compensation.

Burns injury compensation

See our burn injury article for more details on claiming for burn injuries in a restaurant – including compensation payouts you can expect for burns to different body parts.

Defective work equipment

Restaurants have dangerous and sharp equipment to help prepare meals.

See our defective work equipment article explaining how to claim compensation if you suffer a restaurant injury as a result of the use of work equipment.

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