Forklift Truck Accident Compensation

Forklift Truck Work Injury Claim: Can I make a claim for compensation from my employer for an injury in the workplace caused in a forklift truck accident?

UK solicitor sets out in a FAQ how to make a forklift truck work injury claim for compensation following injury in the workplace from the use of a forklift truck.

Forklift truck work injury question

I worked as a forklift truck driver over a period of several years. The forklift truck that was provided at work had no suspension – despite this I was required to drive over rough terrain which caused constant jarring to my spine and back pain. I eventually sort medical treatment and was told by a consultant that my spine had been worn down over the years resulting in the need for surgery. I am now unable to work.

Can I make a forklift truck work injury claim? 

Work injury solicitor response

If we can show that your back injury was caused or made worse as a result of your employer’s erroneous working practice it is likely that you will be able to make a successful forklift truck work injury claim for compensation.

The essential points to consider in your claim are:

1. Suspension on the work’s forklift truck

Forklift Truck Work Injury Claim Compensation

Forklift Truck Work Injury Claim Compensation

For the type of work a forklift truck is required to do I presume it is quite common that such a vehicle would have no suspension when operating on a flat surface.

You have described the work surface as rough terrain – we would need to discuss how rough the work surface was and the training, guidance and risk assessments made by your employer for such a task.

It is quite likely that the weight carried by a forklift coupled with no suspension could cause significant force to be exerted to your spine when the slightest bump is encountered.

2. Health and Safety Executive Investigation of your work injury

Your employer should have reported your work accident and injury to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as you were absent from work for over 3 days as a result of your back injury.  The HSE should have conducted an enquiry, as should your employer, so all documents produced can be obtained by your solicitor to help support your claim.

Click accident in the workplace to see the page I have written detailing the documents you can use to support your accident claim.

3. Previous complaints to your employer about your back problems

It would support your claim to show that you informed your employer about the problems you were suffering over the years.  It will also support your claim if other employees had complained about the working practice of using a forklift truck on rough terrain.

Accident book entries and records detailing previous complaints and work injuries can be obtained by your accident solicitor.

4. Single incident at work causing back pain

We would need to discuss if there was a single instant when your back was especially badly jarred at work. This might be considered as the commencement of your current back problem and commencement of the three year period to start your claim for compensation .

There are many other considerations to be taken into account, so I would suggest your next step should be to contact a specialist solicitor to discuss making your claim.

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5. Free legal online help on my website

Click work injury claim solicitor to view the free online help that is available on my site and choose the assistance you require including speaking to me direct about your forklift truck work injury claim for compensation.