Failed Hernia Hospital Operation Claim

Failed Hernia Hospital Operation Claim: Hole In Stomach Damaged Artery MRSA

UK solicitor explains how to claim compensation if a hernia operation at hospital is conducted incorrectly causing stomach injuries and infections such as MRSA

Hospital clinical negligence victim question

I went into hospital for a hernia operation and the operation was not conducted correctly.

I later learned that I was taken to intensive care as my artery was cut in error.

Another surgeon a few months later attempted to remedy the problems caused and discovered I had a hole in my stomach from the first operation and after the second operation I contracted MRSA.

Is it possible to claim compensation for the errors in both the first and second operation as they were conducted by the same NHS trust?

Clinical negligence solicitor response

It appears that both operations were not conducted correctly and as a result of each you suffered significant separate injuries.

It would therefore be possible to make a claim for both of the failed operations – the hernia operation and the rectifying operation.

The claim would be made against the NHS trust for which the hospital was part of.

The NHS Trust would take the responsibility of the employees including the surgeons who conducted the operations on you.

There are generally three years from date of injury or date of knowledge of injury to commence a claim against the NHS trust and before any claim can be commenced a patient should go through the NHS patient complaints procedure with NHS Trust.

A patient letter of complaint would be completed by yourself and does not require the involvement of a solicitor.

Claiming For A Failed Hernia Hospital Operation Claim

To make a claim for clinical negligence a specialist solicitor would be required.

Should you wish to proceed with a failed hernia hospital operation claim for the damage to your artery, your admission to intensive care, the hole in your stomach and MRSA together with any psychological injury as a result of these conditions I recommend you click NHS Hospital hernia operation negligence claim to commence your claim online or speak to me in persona about your treatment.