Loss Of Use Of Car Vehicle

Loss Of Use Of Car: When Can I Claim Compensation?

Loss Of Use Of Vehicle Question

I tripped over at work, breaking my forearm. My employer’s insurer has admitted liability, has agreed other damages, but is refusing to pay for the loss of use of my car, which I was unable to use for 10 weeks.

Can I claim for loss of use of vehicle?

Accident Claim Solicitor Response

A claim for personal includes a sum for general damages namely compensation for pain, suffering and loss of amenity (the pain of the injury, the suffering experienced and the effect on ability to partake in usual life and activities). In addition you can claim for special damages – compensation for specific financial loss and expense as a direct result of the accident.

I have only seen loss of use of vehicle in relation to road accidents. The claim is for the fact that the car is damaged and unable to be used (primarily as a means of transport) until repaired or until it is written off. It is not for the fact that you cannot enjoy using the car because of injury. The loss of enjoyment falls within the general damages as part of loss of amenity and is not separately quantified.

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Funding A Solicitor To Make A Claim

There are several options to fund a solicitor to help make a personal injury claim.

To see the options that are potentially available see our no win no fee article.

If you are concerned about incurring expense when liability is already accepted – you should check to see if you have the benefit of legal protection cover on any household contents insurance, which could fund an insurance panel solicitor to help you with a claim. For road accident claims – you would need to check for motor legal protection cover.

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