smoke inhalation claim payouts

Smoke Inhalation Claim Payouts: Compensation For Breathing Difficulties From Smoke Exposure

Discover what a smoke inhalation claim is; the dangers of breathing in smoke particles; the types of condition you can suffer from toxic fumes; the amounts of compensation you can claim if your suffer personal injury from smoke inhalation with access to our free online / telephone specialist solicitor legal help options.

Payouts Table For Smoke Inhalation Claims In 2023

Smoke Inhalation InjuryClaim Payouts
Damage to airways
No long-term breathing problems
£5,300 – £12,600
Lung tissue damage
Permanent lung function disability
£12,600 – £55,000
Lung disease£2,200 – £136,000
See lung disease payouts
Lung cancer£70,000 – £97,000

What is a smoke inhalation claim?

If you suffer injury to your throat, airways and lungs as a result of the toxic fumes produced by smoke – you might be entitled to a smoke inhalation claim for compensation from the person the law holds legally at fault for your injury.

Examples of potential smoke inhalation claims

You might experience smoke inhalation due to the negligence of another, such as:

Exposure to smoke at work

There are many different types of work environments that might give rise to smoke inhalation and air borne chemical exposure – for which correct PPE should be provided to prevent personal injury from inhalation.

Sometimes – there may be an accident in the workplace that causes a fire and resultant exposure to hazardous fume by employees

Fire fighter claims

You might suffer smoke inhalation as a fire fighter, who has not be given the correct breathing protection, Again this would be a potential claim from your employer.

Incineration plants

Incinerators are furnaces that burn waste. On occasion there can be problems with the incineration process that leads workers to be exposed to excessive fumes.

Road accidents in which a vehicle catches fire

You may be involved in a road accident in which a vehicle catches fire. Burning petrol can not only be be explosive, but there is a clear hazard from the fumes produced.

House fires

A house fire may have been caused by defective appliances supplied by the landlord or as a result of a landlord’s negligence by not providing requisite fire safe furnishings.

What are the dangers of smoke inhalation?

The number one cause of death related to fires is not burns, but smoke inhalation.

Smoke is a mixture of hot particles, gases and fumes and is produced from a number of materials burning – these might be plastics, soft furnishings, wood, fabrics, etc.

Not only are many of these particles irritants and carcinogens they are also extremely hot and are harmful to your lungs.

The exact content of smoke in a fire is difficult to predict – but invariably extensive smoke inhalation will cause you injury to some degree and could give rise to a smoke inhalation claim.

lung damage chest scan
Lung Damage Chest Scan

What types of injury can breathing in smoke cause?

Examples of the damage you might suffer from smoke inhalation, include:

Oedema smoke inhalation

The cells that line your throat and mouth can be damaged by the heat of the smoke, which can cause a build-up of fluids in your airways leading to obstructions and pain when breathing – this is known as oedema.

The worst symptoms forming part of smoke inhalation claims can develop after 24 hours of your smoke inhalation and symptoms include: a sore throat, coughing, wheezing, production of mucus and phlegm. Without oxygen and other respiratory support – you could die.

Asphyxia from smoke inhalation

Asphyxia – is the restriction or deprivation in the supply of oxygen to your body and can lead to death by suffocation.

Smoke inhalation can cause the smaller airways deep inside your lungs to become blocked and the cilia that line the airways can be damaged so as to cease to function. Cilia are the little hairs used to take contaminants out of the air you breath so their function is essential.

If breathing becomes progressively difficult you will try to breath faster, your lips and fingertips will begin to turn blue (become cyanosed) and you will become confused and lose consciousness.

Pneumonia smoke inhalation claims

Physical and chemical irritants in smoke can lead to an inflammation of your lungs known as pneumonia.

Carbon monoxide poisoning smoke inhalation claims

Carbon monoxide can poison your blood – a sign of CO poisoning is when your lips turn bright red.

Cancer from smoke inhalation

Smoke can contain harmful carcinogenic chemicals, such as dioxins, which can damage your cells and lead to smoke inhalation lung cancer claims.

If old buildings or factories burn – asbestos fibres could be released and are known to be carcinogenic (cancer producing)..

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome – ARDS

A smoke inhalation claim from an inflammation of your lungs known as acute respiratory distress syndrome can develop from smoke inhalation causing breathlessness – you might need the assistance of a ventilator to breath freely.

Cerebral Hypoxia

Cerebral Hypoxia is a condition in which your brain is starved of oxygen. There is a real risk of brain damage or death.


Stridor is a wheezing or whistling sound when you breath in. Blockages in your lung narrow your airways and as the air forces past the whistling sound is heard. You might need a breathing tube to allow air to reach your lungs.

Chemical reactions with pollutants

Pollutants from smoke inhalation can cause your immune system to respond to attack the hazardous chemicals – too much of a reaction can in itself cause death of cells in your lungs and further problems with your breathing.

Average compensation payouts calculator for smoke inhalation claims

Examples of the amounts of compensation your smoke inhalation claim could worth in 2023, include:

Minor smoke inhalation claim average payouts

Smoke inhalation from exposure to toxic fumes causing on-going minor damage to your airways. No real long-term effect on your ability to breathe. Average compensation payout amounts ae likely to be calculated between £5,300 – £12,600.

Moderate lung damage calculator

Lung tissue damage causing permanent disability in lung function. Your claim payout is likely worth between £12,600 – £55,000.

Other forms of lung disease including cancer

See our lung disease claim article for examples of the amounts of compensation you can claim for lung diseases. including cancer.

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