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Vegan Personal Injury Solicitors – How Diet Affects Our Approach To the Law

Find out how being vegan has affected our ethos as personal injury solicitors reinforcing a unique approach to the law. We provide free initial legal help and assistance to accident victims.

What are vegan personal injury solicitors?

We are personal injury solicitors who are vegan. This does not mean we deal with vegan rights, but we are ourselves personal injury solicitors and vegan.

Well – technically whole food plant-based, low glycaemic index, non-processed food, animal loving vegans.

Taking up veganism

Our founder, Kevin Bolton, took up veganism in 2016 after reading the landmark work by Colin Campbell in his mind-blowing book – The China Study.

Does being Vegan influence how we help personal injury victims?

Here’s what Kevin has to say.

“I have always had an interest in animals and over the years had ever reducing meat and dairy consumption, but it was only after reading Colin Campbell’s book that I appreciated the true health benefits of veganism.

Giving up all meat, fish and dairy (including milk) was a lot easier than I thought.

personal injury solicitor fruit vegan diet
Personal injury solicitor holding some fruit

I was already exercising most days and had what I believed to be a healthy diet. However, when I turned vegan – I found my weight drop slightly, athletic performance increase, injuries reduce and energy levels increase.

A totally unexpected reaction to becoming vegan was an ever-increasing compassion to animals and a growing understanding of environmental effects of food choices.

I have been an electric car driver since 2014 so was mindful of the environment – but hadn’t appreciated that food choice could have such a significant effect.

My childhood experience of personal injury had already led me to start a new type of legal firm uniquely providing free legal help and assistance to accident victims.

BUT the compassion that has flowed in later years from being vegan has made me appreciation that humans too need compassion, which sits well with the ethos of Kevin Bolton Solicitors. Other personal injury law firms charge massive sums to ask a legal question – whereas we provide an answer free of charge.”

What are people saying about our vegan personal injury services?

The feedback we receive from people we have helped – is that our free legal help and assistance is well received and appreciated.

For examples of the feedback we receive – see our website testimonials section, the google reviews we receive and Facebook comments.

Take a look at our free legal help and assistance options – you can ask us a question about personal injury, arrange a solicitor callback or have your claim assessed.