Plane Accident Compensation Claim

Spain Plane Accident Claim: Fire Causing Smoke Inhalation & Crush Injuries

Find out how to claim from the UK when you have suffered injury overseas on a plane bound for the UK using specialist solicitor response to a Spain plane accident victim question.

Spain Plane Accident Victim Question

I was on a flight from Barcelona in Spain to Manchester (where I live). As the plane was gathering speed to take off, there was a sudden loud bang from one of the engines. Smoke started to come off one of the engine and wing. The pilot aborted the take off and stopped suddenly.

When we stopped I could see that flames were coming from the wing and the plane was on fire. There was a lot of panic among the passengers, but the cabin crew told everyone to remain in their seats.

After 5 or 10 minutes smoke started to enter the cabin and at this point the pilot announced there was to be an immediate evacuation of the plane. There seemed panic in his voice.

Spain Plane Accident Passenger Claim

Spain Plane Accident Passenger Claim

Various different emergency exits were attempted, but only one at the back of the plane worked as the others did not deploy a chute correctly.

By now there were thick fumes entering the cabin. I was coughing quite badly – passengers were panicking and pushing.

As all the passengers had to leave from the one exit there was a lot of pushing and screaming.

There was a Spanish air hostess trying to control the passengers exit, but she was overwhelmed and could not keep control as passengers were pushing and jumping onto each other onto the chute.

When it came to my turn the weight from the people behind me pushed me out of the exit onto a slide. Another couple of passengers followed me immediately and one of the passengers full body weight landed on my arm causing an excruciating pain to my upper arm and shoulder.

When the plane was fully evacuated – we were given oxygen and treated by paramedics. I was taken to a Spanish hospital and diagnosed with a dislocated right shoulder (which had to be manipulated back into place) and fume inhalation.

My arm is still in a sling and my shoulder is causing me a lot of pain. I still have quite a bad cough.

As the plane accident happened in Spain can I make a claim from the UK for my injuries?

Aircraft Accident Solicitor Response

As your flight was travelling from Spain to England – you would be entitled to make a claim against the airline from either England or Spain.

See my detailed aircraft accident article – which explains how to determine which countries you can claim from when you are injured whilst on board a plane.

Showing the airline are at fault

It seems clear from your description that there were a number of faults that occurred with the plane and also the conduct of the staff in an emergency situation.

The initial problems were clear – the plane itself caught fire and a number of emergency exits were not working correctly as they should.

This resulted in passengers being forced to use one emergency exit, which was not manned correctly to ensure that passengers could leave safely.

In addition – there is a question over the delay of the pilot to order the evacuation, which might have prevented panic caused by the smoke entering the plane.

The fact that your injury came from another passenger should therefore still be the airline’s responsibility.

Recording your injuries and financial losses

The amount of compensation you can claim will ultimately depend on the extent of your injuries caused by the Spain plane accident and the financial losses experience.

If you decide to make a claim – your solicitor will instruct an independent medical expert to produce a report setting out the extent of your injuries, your ongoing symptoms and your future recovery and ongoing disability.

This expert will look at your dislocated shoulder, breathing problems, psychological reaction and other problems which you may also be experiencing as a direct result of your plane accident.

This expert will examine you in a brief medical appointment, but also review your hospital and GP records.

It is therefore important that you go regularly to your own doctors to ensure you are correctly treated and records are made of your ongoing symptoms. See our article attending at hospital / GP to support a personal injury claim.

You should also keep a diary of your symptoms (on a daily basis) and a note of the expenses you have incurred as a direct result of your accident (together with receipts in support).

How to commence a Spanish plane accident claim

You should check any travel insurance you might have for legal protection cover. If you purchased your flight with a credit card – you might also have legal protection cover with your credit card company.

With legal protection cover you can fund a UK solicitor to help you with a claim. Alternatively, you could instruct an overseas accident solicitor using a no win no fee.

You should ensure that you use a specialist overseas accident solicitor to help you make your Spain plane accident claim or contact us direct to discuss your potential claim.

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