Airplane Hot Drinks Burn

Airplane Hot Drinks Burn: Solicitor explains how to claim compensation for scalding on a plane from a hot drink spillage

Airplane hot drinks burn compensation claim: Find out in a Q&A when you can claim compensation for a burn injury during a flight; the need for independent medical evidence to determine the severity of your burn and scarring; online assessment of your claim.

Airplane Hot Drinks Burn Compensation Claim Question

Can I claim for a hot drinks burn injury on an airplane?

I was travelling back from a package holiday in Spain on a budget airline flight. During the flight – an air hostess and steward came along the aisle to serve drinks and food.

I was in the aisle seat towards the back of the plane. I asked for a tea. The air hostess picked up a pot of hot water and as she was passing this to me – she seemed to trip on something on the floor (possibly another passengers bag that had fallen into the aisle).

She lost her footing and spilled boiling hot water from the pot onto my arm and my legs. I was wearing shorts and a t–shirt so I immediately jumped up in pain as the water was boiling hot and caused immediate pain.

The air hostess was very apologetic and with her colleagues attempted to administer first aid. An accident book entry was made.

Airplane Hot Drink Burn Claim
Airplane Hot Drink Burn

By the time the plane landed in Birmingham – my left arm and both my legs had blistered and I was still in extreme pain. An ambulance was waiting at the airport and I was taken straight to hospital.

At hospital – I was diagnosed with second degree burns across the whole of my left forearm spreading from my wrist to my elbow and second degree burns on both of my thighs.

I have been told that I will be left with scarring although the extent of scarring is not known at this time.

I am very upset about the situation and would like to know if I can make a airplane hot drinks burn claim?

Airplane Injury Solicitor Response

It is quite likely that you would have a claim directly against the airline.

You must prove that the accident occurred on the plane and that injury was sustained as a result.

It is clear from your description that the accident was properly recorded with the airline and the medical authorities will have also made a record in your medical notes.

As the flight was bound for Birmingham you could make your claim from England.

In addition, as the accident was on a flight included within a package holiday – you would also have (as an alternative) a claim against the tour operator who organised your package holiday (again from the UK).

You could fund a specialist solicitor to make your airplane hot drinks burn injury claim using a no win no fee. If you had travel insurance you could also have the benefit of legal protection, which could fund a solicitor to help you claim.

Medical evidence used by your solicitor to determine how much your airplane hot drinks burn injury is worth

Your compensation claim is made up of two elements, known as general damages for pain and suffering and special damages for financial loss and expense.

The pain and suffering part of your claim is based upon the extent of your injury (both physical and psychological) and any ongoing disability (such as scarring, nerve damage), etc. as set out in a medical report produced by an independent medical expert instructed by your solicitor as part of your claim.

Need some help deciding whether to make a claim?

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