Car Accident Claim UK: Collision With Vehicle Reversing From Driveway

UK solicitor sets out how to claim compensation for injuries and vehicle damage from a collision with a car which is reversing from a driveway

Car accident victim question:

I was driving along a residential road well within the speed limit. The road is narrow and children often play on the road so I was taking extreme car. I noticed as I was driving that a car had backed on to its driveway and appeared to be waiting for vehicles to pass.

As I drove past the driver appeared to accelerate and reversed into the front driver’s side wing of my car.

This caused a massive jolt and my car to spin.

I immediately got out of the car and spoke with the driver of the vehicle who apologised indicating that he had not looked in my direction down the road before attempting to reverse.

I was travelling with my wife and two children and I noticed on my side of the road that some people were doing gardening at their home and must have witnessed the accident.

I took the details of the other driver and drove to hospital were my wife and I were diagnosed with whiplash and my two children were diagnosed with lower back injuries and whiplash.

I understand from my insurance company that the driver of the other vehicle has been in touch to suggest that the accident was my fault and that I had accelerated in to his vehicle after he had backed out of the driveway on to the road.

Please can you explain if my family and I can make a claim and how we can prove that the other driver was at fault?

Road traffic accident solicitor response

It is very common following a road traffic accident that an apology will be received from a driver who later changes his or her story and attempts to make a claim from the innocent party. In such cases it is critical to have independent witness evidence.

You have suggested that there were residents on the street who would have witnessed the accident and it is very important that you perhaps call round at the address or drop a note through the letter box asking them to contact you to verify your version of events.

Clearly your wife and children can support your version of events in any event.

In addition engineering evidence looking at your car and the other driver’s vehicle will demonstrate how the collision occurred from the points of impact. This evidence might prove critical in your claim.

I do believe however from the description you have given that you will be successful in the compensation claim for yourself, your wife and children.

Compensation amounts for whiplash and back injury in a car accident

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