Ankle Pain Compensation Claim

Ankle Pain Compensation: UK accident solicitor sets out how much compensation you can claim for pain and suffering from different types of ankle injury

Ankle pain compensation solicitor sets out the body parts that can be injured in your ankle; the types of compensation you can claim; how your solicitor decides how much your ankle injury settlement is worth with compensation amounts calculations for different types of broken ankle bone; Achilles tendon injuries, sprains, traumatic amputation and arthrodesis

When are you entitled to claim compensation for ankle pain?

Ankle pain can of course happen naturally, but if that pain comes from an accident in the UK there is a strong possibility you can claim compensation.

The use of the word accident is quite wide – it can include road traffic accidents, work accidents (including injury caused by a faulty working practice), medical negligence and even slips and trips.

Practically an accident means an act which was not done deliberately – if such an act causes you injury you are protected by UK law and can claim compensation.

What body parts is your ankle made up of?

Your ankle is ball joint made up of various tendons, ligaments, muscles and one main ankle bone – known as the talus.

A tendon which attaches at the back of your ankle is known as the Achilles tendon and the muscle at the side of your ankle is known as the peroneus longus or fibularis longus.

The ankle forms part of your foot – click foot injury claim to see the page I have written setting out compensation amounts for foot injuries.

An injured ankle can cause significant problems and a broken anklebone can lead to the risk of arthritis.

What are the main types of compensation you can claim?

Whatever type of accident causes your ankle injury does not matter for the purpose of deciding how much compensation you can claim.

There are two main types of compensation following physical and psychological injury:

ankle pain claim

Ankle Pain Claim

1. Pain and suffering

This is how much your actual injury is worth – it is the pain and suffering you feel as a result of your ankle injury. Lawyers use the legal term “general damages” – it is compensation which applies generally for that specific type ankle injury.

2. Financial expenses

If as a result of your ankle injury you incur financial losses you are entitled to compensation for these sums, which include medical expenses, lost income, travel expenses. These are known as “special damages” as they are specific to the person who as suffered injury – the amount of compensation awarded is based on receipts and other evidence to prove the loss that you have actually occurred.

Click car accident compensation to see I page I have written setting out what you can claim in a car accident – but the losses apply equally to any type of accident claim.

How does your accident solicitor calculate the amount of compensation you can claim for ankle pain?

Your solicitor will first obtain a medical report from a specialist medical expert, an orthopaedic consultant, setting out the injuries you have suffered, the severity of the pain with a prognosis (a medical prediction) describing what the future holds for your likely recovery from the ankle pain.

Next, your accident lawyer will look at cases that have been decided in the UK courts for similar ankle pain described in the medical report – there are many thousands of cases that can be referred to. When a similar injury is found your solicitor can rely on this case as a precedent – in other words the case can be produced to the other side or to the court to show how much money has been awarded in the past.

In addition your solicitor will have access to a guide of cases previously decided by the courts – known as the Judicial Studies Board Guidelines. The Judicial College Guidelines set out a range of compensation settlement amounts for various different levels of ankle pain – from small injuries (sprains) to serious injuries leading to permanent disability.

Examples of compensation for ankle pain and suffering compensation amounts

Your solicitor will have to look at your specific ankle pain to correctly assess the amount of compensation you can claim, but some approximate amounts for settlement of ankle injury claims in 2019, include:

1. Minor ankle injury

Ankle sprains and fractures with pain lasting no longer than 1 year: up to £4,800

2. Damaged Achilles Tendon

Injury to the Achilles can be caused by turning your foot and can be very painful. A minor tear can lead to instability on the foot and a severance of the tendon can lead to the need for medical intervention and permanent stiffness in the ankle. You can expect a compensation settlement for a damaged Achilles tendon of between: £4,800 – £23,000

3. Ankle injuries requiring metal pins and plates to be inserted

If your ankle injury had to be treated with surgery and plates and pins to be inserted with ongoing pain into the future, weakness in the ankle and scarring from surgery will lead to average payouts of: £27,500 – £44,000

4. Serious ankle injuries

In the worst types of ankle injury you might be left deformed and permanent loss of mobility in the ankle joint. An ankle arthrodesis is the medical name given to an operation which causes fusion of bones in the ankle to relieve pain.

Serious ankle injuries: up to £45,000

Summary of compensation amounts for ankle pain injuries

On this page I have set out the amounts of compensation you can claim for ankle pain caused in a UK accident.

I recommend you click compensation amounts to see examples of how much compensation you can expect for other types of injuries or click ankle injury claim solicitor and I will assess your ankle pain claim online free of charge.