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Ankle Pain Compensation Payouts: Claim Calculator For Different Types Of Ankle Injury

Our ankle pain compensation article describes the types of injury you can suffer to your ankle together with the types and amounts of compensation you can claim.

We set out the body parts that can be injured in your ankle; how your solicitor decides the amount your ankle pain compensation settlement is worth with examples of average payout calculations for different types of broken ankle bone; tendon and ligament injuries, sprains, traumatic amputation and arthrodesis.

We begin with a payouts table of compensation payouts for pain and suffering and explain the additional compensation you are entitled to claim for financial loss and expense.

Payouts Table For Ankle Pain Compensation In 2024

Our payout table sets out the amounts of compensation you can claim for pain and suffering – for minor to the most severe types of ankle injury.

Ankle Injury / PainClaim Payouts
Undisplaced fractures
Sprains / ligament injury
Full recovery
Up to £7,700
See ankle sprain claim
for more details of
grade 1 – 3 sprains
Undisplaced fractures
Sprains / ligament injury
Ongoing minor symptoms
£7,700 – £13,800
Achilles Tendon Damage£7,300 – £38,500
See Achilles tendon claim payouts
Ligament Tearing
Possible pins & plates
£13,800 – £26,600
Permanent loss of ankle mobility
Pins and plates inserted
Fusion of bones / arthrodesis
£26,600 – £50,000
Most Severe
Transmalleolar fractures
Bilateral fracture
Risk of below knee amputation
£50,000 – £70,000

What is an ankle pain compensation claim?

If you suffer ankle pain or injury as a result of a negligent act or omission (from another person, public body or business) – you will be protected by UK law and as such able to claim compensation for the pain and suffering you experience and the financial loss and expense you incur.

Ankle Pain Can Happen Naturally
Ankle pain can of course happen naturally. You can only claim compensation if someone other than yourself is considered legally-at-fault for your injury.

Examples of negligence that can lead to a claim

Examples of negligence that can cause ankle pain include:

  1. Road traffic accidents. 
  2. Work accidents (including injury caused by a faulty working practice).
  3. Medical negligence.
  4. Accidents in shops and other public places.
  5. Child accidents at school.
  6. Slips and trips on a public footpath, road or highway.

What are the different parts of your ankle that you can injure?

Your ankle is ball joint made up of various tendons, ligaments, muscles and one main ankle bone – known as the talus.

A tendon which attaches at the back of your ankle is known as the Achilles tendon and the muscle at the side of your ankle is known as the peroneus longus or fibularis longus.

The ankle forms part of your foot. See our foot injury claim article setting out compensation amounts for foot injuries.

An injured ankle can cause significant problems and a broken anklebone can lead to the risk of arthritis.

What are the types of compensation you can claim?

Whatever type of accident causes your ankle injury does not matter for the purpose of deciding how much compensation you can claim.

There are two main types of compensation following physical and psychological injury:

Pain, suffering and loss of amenity

This is how much your actual injury is worth – it is the pain and suffering you feel as a result of your ankle injury. It includes a sum for your inability to be able to do certain hobbies or other activities that you could do prior to your ankle injury.

Lawyers use the legal term “general damages” – it is compensation which applies generally for that specific type ankle injury.

Financial loss and expense

Your financial losses incurred as a direct result of your ankle injury can typically be claimed in compensation.

Examples of financial loss – include medical expenses, lost income, travel expenses.

These losses are known as “special damages” as they are specific to the person who as suffered injury.

The amount of compensation awarded is proved by documentary evidence.

Examples Of Financial Loss Calculations
Lost income example – Lost income may be calculated from your average pay. If you are employed your solicitor will use payslips for 3 months prior to your accident. In addition, confirmation will be required from your employer of no pay for a period of time.
Medical expense example – receipts might prove your medical expenses for relevant medication following your accident.

An example of financial loss you can claim in a car accident is described in our car accident compensation article.

fractured ankle compensation claim
Fractured Ankle Compensation Claim

How does your solicitor calculate the amount of compensation you can claim for ankle pain?

Independent medical expert

Your solicitor will first obtain a medical report from an independent medical expert. The medical expert might be a GP expert or an orthopaedic consultant – depending on the nature of your ankle injury claim. A psychological expert may be relevant if there is an element of psychological injury, such as PTSD.

Description of injuries and prognosis

The medical report will set out the injuries you have suffered, the severity of the injury with a prognosis (a medical prediction) describing what the future holds for your likely recovery from the ankle pain or any ongoing disability.

Previous claims decided by the courts

Your solicitor will find claims decided by the courts in the past for similar types of ankle injuries (as those set out in your medical report).

In addition – your solicitor will have access to judicial guidance summarising the awards of cases previously decided by the courts. The guidance provides a rough range of compensation settlement amounts for various different levels of ankle pain, Examples will include small injuries (sprains) to serious injuries (leading to permanent disability).

Examples of compensation amounts for ankle pain and suffering

Approximate amounts for settlement of ankle injury claims in 2024, include:

Minor ankle injury payouts

Ankle sprains and fractures with pain lasting no longer than 1 year or ligament injury, undisplaced fractures and sprains with full recovery – will lead to an average claim payout of up to £7,700

Modest ankle injury with ongoing symptoms

For similar types of sprain, undisplaced fractures and ligament injury as described at 1 – but with ongoing symptoms of ankle pain coupled with loss of movement and aching -the amount of compensation you can expect is between £7,700 – £13,800.

Damaged Achilles Tendon

your Achilles injury may be caused by turning your foot and can be very painful. A minor tear can lead to instability on the foot and a severance of the tendon can lead to the need for medical intervention and permanent stiffness in the ankle. See our damaged Achilles tendon article for full details of the different types of injury amounts. Average payouts will vary between £7,300 – £38,500.

Moderate ankle injuries with difficulty in walking and standing

Moderate ankle injuries can include fractures and ligament tearing, but with ongoing disability such as difficulty walking or standing or climbing stairs. You may require surgery for the insertion of pins and plates. You may have some aching and scarring.

Your average ankle injury payout is likely to be calculated between £13,800 – £26,600.

Serious ankle injuries

Serious types of ankle injury – may leave you deformed with permanent loss of mobility in the ankle joint. You may have had a period in plaster with the insertion of pins and plates to support your ankle. You may have had a failed arthrodesis and nasty scarring.

Ankle Arthrodesis
An ankle arthrodesis is the medical name given to an operation which causes fusion of bones in the ankle to relieve pain.

The calculation of serious ankle injury payouts are likely to be between £26,600 – £50,000.

Most severe ankle pain compensation

The most severe types of ankle injury can include transmalleolar fractures with deformity of the ankle.

Transmalleolar Fractures
Transmalleolar fractures – are fractures of both the lateral and medial malleolus and the tibia.

There may be a risk of below knee amputation or fractures of both sides of the ankle (bilateral fracture).

The amount of compensation for these most serious ankle injuries are worth between £50,000 – £70,000.

Summary And Next Steps

In this article we have set out the amounts of compensation you can claim for ankle injuries.

We recommend you see our compensation amounts for examples of compensation payouts for injury to other body parts.

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