University Law: Where To Study To Become A Solicitor

University law departments provide the academic education and professional training that allows someone to start on the road to qualification as a solicitor.

In addition to a law degree (either LLB or BA), solicitors are required to do an additional year long professional course plus two further years working as a trainee solicitor working in a law firm (further additional exams are taken during this two year period).

Typically seats are taken in different areas of law whilst working as a trainee solicitor (a solicitor will usually only specialise on qualification as a solicitor – personal injury being one such area of speciality).

After all the training is complete – the Law Society / Solicitor’s Regulation Authority must review all of the details to be satisfied as to expertise and provide a certificate allowing qualification as a solicitor of the supreme court of judicature.

An annual practising certificate from the supervisory bodies (Solicitors Regulation Authority in England & Wales) is required to allow a solicitor to continue to practise law.

A solicitor must keep their training up to date and apply each year to renew their practising certificate.

Studying at a Law University is the first step on this process. Choose an article below to see the universities that offer the courses to start you on the roue to becoming a solicitor or take a look at our legal training index.