International Law: Determining How To Claim Compensation For Injury On An Aircraft Or In A Sea Going Vessel

When you suffer injury whilst travelling in the air or by sea – often the law that determines how a claim can be made is subject to international law.

Click an image below to see the laws that apply to that form of transport or use our alphabetical international injury claims index.

Sea Travel

Sea Travel Claim

Sea Travel Claim Find the links to the International Laws relating to sea travel claims – dealing with how to claim compensation for accidents, injury, delay or baggage loss whilst on a seagoing vessel. Athens Convention 1974 – International law for sea travel This page describes the Athens Convention which is the international law relating […]

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Air Travel

air travel claim

Air Travel Claim This article provides links to the International Laws relating to air travel claims – from personal injury on-board an aircraft to travel delay and baggage loss. It includes a link to the UK domestic law which implements International Law into the United Kingdom territory Montreal Convention – Air Travel International Law This […]

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