Sea Travel Claim

Find the links to the International Laws relating to sea travel claims – dealing with how to claim compensation for accidents, injury, delay or baggage loss whilst on a seagoing vessel.

Sea travel claim

Sea Travel Claim

Athens Convention 1974 – International law for sea travel

This page describes the Athens Convention which is the international law relating to the carriage of passengers and their luggage by sea. It provides for compensation for injury and damage to property on a sea going vessel – if this was caused by accident the Convention limits how much compensation is payable for death and personal injury. In 2002 a Protocol was adopted which required compulsory insurance for passengers – increasing the amount payable for injury per passenger to a maximum of approximately $325 000 and the maximum payable for baggage damage or loss to be $2925. Countries can opt out of this protocol if that country’s law provides higher amounts of compensation, but a country cannot opt out to lower these upper threshold limits.

Merchant Shipping Act 1995 – UK law for sea travel

The Merchant and Shipping Act 1995 is the UK law which relates to the sea travel of British and UK owned ships. This page provides a summary of the law and implements the Athens Convention 1974, which is the International Law of sea travel.

The International Maritime Organization – IMO

The International Maritime Organization was established in 1948 with the purpose of promoting cooperation between countries of the world to adopt and develop international maritime laws to ensure safety, prevent accidents and limit pollution for sea travel across the globe.