Spinal Prolapse Shoulder Strain Elbow Fractures: Average Claim Payout Calculator

UK personal injury solicitor sets out how to claim compensation for a prolapsed thoracic spinal disc, shoulder muscle tears and a fractured elbow from a fall at work in a factory.

Factory Work Accident Victim Question

I work in a factory in Rotherham. A few weeks ago – I fell over a pallet, which had been positioned a foot or so behind me by a co-worker using a hand held pallet truck. I was completely unaware of the pallet and as I turned around my foot caught the side of the pallet and I fell.

I landed with all my weight on my left side.

I felt pain in the middle of my back, my elbow and shoulder. I was assisted by a colleague and taken by first aid to hospital.

I was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc in my thoracic spine, strained muscles in my shoulder and an undisplaced fracture to my elbow.

Can I claim compensation from my employer and if so what is an average compensation payout for a prolapsed disc in my thoracic spine, a fractured elbow and torn muscles in my shoulder?

Work Accident Solicitor Response

There could well be a claim against your employer for your accident – an employer is responsible for the negligence of its workers through a principle known as vicarious liability.

It seems dangerous to position a pallet so close behind your work position without warning. It is the responsibility of an employer to operate a safe system of work and keep a workplace clear of tripping hazards.

The amount of compensation you can claim will depend on the exact nature of your injuries and how long any on-going symptoms could last together with the risk of disability.

Your solicitor can only determine this based on a medical report produced by an independent medical expert properly instructed by your solicitor. The proper expert for your injuries is likely to be an orthopaedic surgeon.

Average Compensation Amount Calculator

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