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Elbow Injury Claim Payouts: Personal Injury Compensation Calculator

In this article we set out the compensation payouts for all manner of elbow injury claims. You can use our quick reference payout table at the beginning of this article or see more detailed calculations towards the end of our article.

Furthermore – we explain what a personal injury claim for elbow injury actually is. We set out the different parts of your elbow that you can injure.

Importantly – we discuss the tendon inflammation that can cause tow very common conditions known as tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.

Payouts Table For Elbow Injury Claims In 2024

Our table sets out compensation amounts for general damages (pain and suffering) only for your elbow injury. You will in addition be entitled to claim special damages,

Elbow InjuryClaim Payout
Simple fracture
Tennis or golfers elbow
Symptoms 1 year
up to £12,600
Lesser ongoing symptoms
£16,000 – £32,000
Intrusive surgery
Permanent disability
Fractures / ligament / tendon
£39,000 – £55,000

What is an elbow injury claim?

Should you suffer injury to your elbow as a result of negligence (or other legal fault of another) – you will likely be able to make to make an elbow injury claim for monetary compensation.

Monetary compensation is made up of primarily two parts:

  1. Compensation for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity you experience as a result of your elbow injury.
  2. Compensation for your financial loss and expense as a direct result of your elbow injury.

Types of elbow injury

There are many types of injury your elbow can suffer, which include fractures, ripped muscles, cartilage damage, torn ligaments. tendonitis and nerve damage.

Typical types of accident causing elbow injury

Accident types that often cause elbow injury include road traffic accidents, manual handling accidents at work and even slips and trips.

Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow may often be caused by repetitive strain at work.

What are the parts of your elbow that can be injured?

It is important to appreciate medically what your elbow joint is, so as to understand the different parts that can be injured.

What is your elbow?

The elbow is often referred to as a joint. However, the elbow is in actual fact made up of three different joints that all meet in the elbow. These joints are all contained within a joint capsule, which contains a lubricating fluid.

Combined together they form what we call the elbow joint.

The parts that make up your elbow, include:

Bones that meet at the elbow


The bone in your upper arm is known as the humerus bone,

Ulna and radius

The humerus meets two bones in the forearm (the ulna and radius bones) at your elbow.

Elbow joints

The three joints in the elbow are where each of the three respective bones meet, they are called:

Ulnohumeral joint

Ulnohumeral joint is where the ulna and humerus meet.

Radiohumeral joint

Radiohumeral joint is where the radius and humerus meet.

Proximal radioulnar joint

Proximal radioulnar joint is where the radius and ulna meet.


The two protruding parts of the elbow are actually part of the humerus bone and are named the lateral epicondyle (on the outside of the elbow) and the medial epicondyle (on the inner part of the elbow). These parts of the elbow are the positions where you will feel pain from tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow.

Damage To Elbow Bones And Joints
Fractures, dislocations and other damage to the bones and joints of your elbow – will often lead to substantial elbow injury compensation claim.

Elbow Cartilage

At the point where the bones meet there is a smooth substance known as an articular cartilage. This is designed to protect the bone ends and allow the joints to move smoothly.

Muscles that attach in the elbow joint

There are 5 muscles that connect at the elbow, which include:

Biceps, brachialis and triceps

Three muscles in the upper arm – the biceps and the brachialis cause your arm to bend and the triceps allow your arm to straighten.

Wrist extensors and flexors

Two sets of muscles in the forearm that connect at the elbow – the wrist extensors and the wrist flexors.

Ligaments in your elbow

A ligament is used to connect two bones or cartilages together – holding the joint together. Typically ligaments are short, tough and flexible.

Four such ligaments in the elbow are:

Annular and quadrate ligament

The annular ligament and quadrate ligament – both of which join the radius bone to the ulna bone.

Lateral collateral ligament

The lateral collateral ligament connects the radius bone to the humerus bone. It is situated on the outside of the elbow joint.

Medial collateral ligament

The medial collateral ligament joins the ulna bone to the humerus none and is situated on the inside of the elbow.

High impact accidents

High impact accidents, such as road accidents, can give rise to injured ligament elbow injury claims.

Tendons joining at the elbow

The muscles are joined at their end to your bones by tendons – these are classed as soft tissue.

Soft Tissue Injuries
When making an elbow injury claim or other type of personal injury claim – you will often here the phrase “soft tissue injuries”.
Tendons are one such sift tissue as are ligamentts, muscles, blood vessels and nerves.

The four main tendons attaching at your elbow are:

Biceps tendon

The biceps tendon attach your biceps muscle to the radius bone.

Triceps tendon

The triceps tendon attach the triceps muscle to the ulna bone.

Lateral and medial epicondyle

The lateral epicondyle and medial epicondyle join the muscles in your forearm to the humerus bone

Tendon Inflammation
When one or more of these tendons are inflamed – pain is caused, which is the route cause of tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow occurs
elbow tendon injury claim
Elbow Tendon Injury Claim

Nerves, Arteries And Veins

A number of nerves (carry signals from our brain to our muscles – allowing the muscles to move and giving you sensations, such as touch). arteries (carrying blood from the heart) and veins (carrying blood back to the heart).

What are tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow?

Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow are both a form of tendonitis (an inflammation of the tendons that meet at the elbow).

Tennis elbow

If the tendon on the outer part of your elbow is causing you pain when you move your arm – you are likely suffering from tennis elbow.

Golfer’s elbow

If the tendon on the inner part of your elbow is causing you pain when you move your arm – you are likely suffering from golfer’s elbow.

If someone can be proved to be at fault for either of these conditions you will likely have an elbow injury claim.

How are tennis and golfers elbow caused?

The name of the condition describes one way in which the injury is caused. Tennis elbow can be caused by stress on your tendons from playing too much tennis and golfer’s elbow from the stress on your tendons caused by playing too much golf.

Typical tennis and golfer elbow claims

However – tennis elbow and golfers elbow can be caused in many different ways that can give rise to a claim for compensation.

Examples of the most common claims include: manual handling work injuries, repetitive strain injury and in high impact road traffic accident collision.

Manual Handling Injuries And RSI
For a manual handling injury – you are most likely overloading the elbow and tendons by moving too heavy a weight.
For an RSI – you must be using your arms over and over to repeat tasks in fast succession. Often weights are quite light, but it is the repetitive nature of the tasks that is the danger.
Both repetitive strain and manual handling injuries can occur from your employer having in place a poor system of work. If your solicitor can prove legal fault – you should be able to claim compensation from your employer for your elbow injury.

Compensation calculator examples for elbow injury claims

Some examples of the amounts of compensation you can expect for pain and suffering for elbow injury claims settling in 2024, include:

Personal Injury Payouts – v – Criminal Injury Payouts
No matter what type of accident caused your elbow injury – the amount of compensation your solicitor will claim on your behalf for pain and suffering will be the same. For example – an elbow injury in a work accident will attract an identical amount of compensation as the same elbow injury in a road accident.
How much compensation depends only on what the injury is, how bad your pain symptoms are and how long the injury will affect you.
However, compensation settlements for elbow injuries caused by a criminal act are subject to a tariff (fixed sums for defined injuries), which are typically far less than you will recover for the same injury in a personal injury claim.
Quantification of personal injury claims is based on caselaw and judicial guidance.

Minor elbow injury claim

A minor elbow injury claim might include a simple fracture to your elbow, tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow – all with your pain symptoms resolving within a few years.

This type of elbow injury claim will lead to compensation calculator of up to £12,600.

Elbow surgery required with ongoing symptoms

Elbow injuries requiring minor surgery, affecting your ability to work and with ongoing pain symptoms and some impairment of elbow function – average compensation payouts are likely to be calculated between £16,000 – £32,000.

Disabling elbow injury compensation amounts

Elbow fractures, muscle, ligament and tendon damage and other injuries which may require more intrusive surgery and may permanently significantly disable the function of your elbow – will lead to your elbow injury claim payouts of between £39,000 – £55,000.

Don’t Forget To Add Compensation For Financial Loss
In addition to compensation for pain and suffering, you are entitled to claim for financial loss and expense as a direct result of your injuries.
For example, financial losses might include – lost income and medical expenses.

Summary Of Elbow Injury Claims Compensation Amounts

On this page you have seen medically what your elbow joint is, how it can be injured and how much compensation you can expect for all manner of elbow injury, including tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, fractures and other elbow injuries.

We recommend you see our personal injury claims guides – explaining how to claim compensation for all manner of accidents that may have caused your elbow injury.

If your have suffered personal injury and are thinking about a claim – why not try our free online and telephone solicitor assistance.

You can ask a question, have your elbow injury claim assessed or speak direct with our solicitors.