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Stacker Truck Work Crush Claim: Broken Femur Fractured Collarbone Neck

Work accident solicitor explains how to claim compensation for collarbone, neck, back, leg, shoulder injuries, including a fractured vertebrae and broken femur bone, from a crush injury from a stacker truck

Stacker truck work accident victim question

I am employed in a warehouse in which many types of lifting machine operate, including: pallet tacker trucks, scissor lift tables and pallet trucks.

Approximately 6 months ago I was manually stacking a shelf with small items when an electric staking machine reversed into me pinning me against a wall. The driver heard my screams and moved the stacker track forward. He explained that he was new to operating stacking machines and had not seen me.

An ambulance was called and I was taken to hospital. An x ray was taken and I was diagnosed with a cracked collar bone, cracked cervical in my neck / cervical spine and a broken thighbone / femur.

I have had several operations and I am still off work – but in receipt of full pay.

I have damaged muscles in back, neck and shoulder due to being squashed between the stacker truck and the wall. I have had severe pain in my neck and shoulder, have terrible trouble sleeping.

I have been getting numbness in my lower back and shoulder right hand side, running down the back of my right leg which causes weakness. I have been referred for a MRI which I am awaiting.

Can I claim compensation for my fractured collar bone, fractured neck vertebrae, broken femur, pain in my back and shoulder?

Work accident solicitor response

Lifting trucks such as stacker trucks, scissor trucks and pallet trucks are all powerful and dangerous pieces of work equipment.

stacker truck work accident claim

Stacker Truck Work Accident Claim

The electric stacker truck you describe should have had a clear sounding noise to indicate it was reversing and the operator should have checked the work environment before attempting to reverse the truck.

From your description I believe the stacker truck operator was negligent and as such your employers would be responsible for his negligence and in turn paying you compensation.

You have received a variety of injuries, which could be expected by being crushed by a stacker truck. To determine the amount of compensation you can claim from your employer a solicitor would need to instruct an independent orthopaedic medical expert to complete a report setting out the exact nature of the broken femur, fractured vertebrae, fractured collar bone, back, neck and shoulder muscle injury.

The medical expert will be able to look at your GP and hospital notes, together with any x-rays and scans, to give an opinion on the symptoms you have suffered and will likely suffer into the future.

This medical report can be used to compare to injuries in other accident claims to decide the amount of compensation you can claim for your pain and suffering.

You would in addition be entitled to any financial losses as a direct result of your workplace stacker truck accident. Click work accident compensation to see examples of the financial losses you can claim.

You will be entitled to claim the legal costs of your solicitor from your employer in addition to your compensation.

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