Forklift Injury Claims: How to claim compensation for UK work accidents caused by pallet trucks

Forklift injury claims: UK solicitor explains what forklift injury claims are, the most common types of injuries caused by pallet trucks, the amounts of compensation you can claim with free online specialist solicitor legal help to accident work accident victims.

What are forklift truck injury claims?

“Forklift injury claims” are claims for compensation made by an employee or other worker from an employer for injuries caused by the defective maintenance or operation of a forklift truck.

forklift injury claims

Forklift Injury Claims

A forklift truck or FLT is known by many names – which often relate to the type of objects the fork lift is used to carry, the means by which it operates or the type of attachment used in place of the forks, for example:

1. Pallet truck

Perhaps the most common name for a forklift truck is a pallet truck. Most of the objects moved by a forklift rest on pallets. Pallets are typically square wooden slatted structures which have gaps at their base in which the forks of the truck can be positioned.

Some pallet trucks are pump action hand trucks – others are gas, diesel or electric powered vehicles.

2. Counterbalance truck

All forklift trucks are in essence counterbalance trucks. The front forks of the truck can lift extremely heavy weights as that weight is counterbalanced by heavy weights in the back of the truck – typically made of cast iron.

3. Side loader, telescopic and bin tipping trucks

A forklift truck can have many attachments which can be used instead of the traditional forks. The type of attachment will depend on the nature of the objects to be lifted.

For example – the side loader attachment allows the forklift driver to move the forks of the truck horizontally for easier positioning of the loads.

Telescopic attachments are extended forks which allow the forklift driver to pick up two pallets in line (without an attachment the forks are only long enough to pick up one pallet at a time).

Bin tipping trucks are forklift trucks with a rotator attachment, which allow the forks of the truck to rotate and empty the contents of large tubs or bins.

Other attachments include poles (for inserting into carpet rolls or other long cylindrical objects), clamps (for attaching to smaller cylindrical objects such as barrels).

4. High low loader

Forklift trucks have the facility to raise and lower the forks – a common name for such trucks is therefore high low trucks.

What are the most common types of forklift injury claims you can have?

A forklift truck is a very heavy and powerful piece of machinery – used to move extremely heavy weights in the workplace.

The most common types of work accident forklift injury claims you might have, include:

1. Forklift crush injuries

Crush injuries to your body parts – such as hands, arms, feet and legs are all too common, which typically comes from the careless operation of the pallet truck by the driver or improper maintenance of the vehicle.

For example – I have known forklift injury claims to succeed when the weighty forks of the truck slipped hitting a worker causing crush injuries. The forks had slipped due to the lifting mechanism of the pallet truck being faulty and improperly maintained.

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2. Inadequate training of forklift truck drivers

Fork lift truck drivers should have a valid licence in place demonstrating that proper training has been provided by an employer and the driver is aware of all the dangers and safety requirements for operating such a vehicle.

An employer will be held responsible for your injuries caused by any errors made by a forklift driver worker under a legal doctrine known as vicarious liability.

3. Back injuries from operation on unsuitable surfaces

Some forklift trucks can have suspension – others do not. When heavy vehicles without suspension or faulty suspension are used on uneven surfaces the forces that can be passed onto the driver can be immense.

Neck, back and spine injuries are quite common in such accident types and employer liability typically follows from not providing you with a safe work environment or system of work

4. Fatal injuries

Regretfully, tragic consequences can result from forklift work accidents and if a worker is hit on the head a fatality can be caused.

In such cases family members and dependents can claim compensation – click fatal accident to see the page I have written explaining the steps to making a claim.

How much compensation are forklift injury claims worth?

The amount of compensation your forklift injury claim is worth depends on several factors – including the area of your body injured and the severity of your injury.

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Free Online Legal Help With Your Forklift Injury Claims

I appreciate that making forklift injury claims is a daunting prospect as your confidence is often knocked by your injury and

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