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Work Machine Accident Claim: Broken Bone Thumb Fingers Nail Bed Injury

UK solicitor explains how to claim compensation for a machine accident at work and how to calculate the amount of compensation you can receive for a broken thumb and fingers and a dead nail bed

Crushed Thumb Work Machine Accident Question

I work in a factory which produces metal appliances and I control a large machine which should have a guard to prevent a worker’s hand becoming entrapped. The machine I was working on did not have a guard and I had pointed this out to my supervisor a few weeks earlier, but no guard was installed.

Earlier this week I was working on the machine when my hand became entrapped and my thumb and fingers were crushed breaking several bones in my hand and killing the nail bed.

I reported the matter immediately to my supervisor who recorded it in the workplace accident book and called for an ambulance.

I was taken to hospital and have had two pins inserted in to my thumb.

I have not returned to work since the accident but I understand from a fellow employee that the machine that I was working on had a safety guard urgently installed to prevent a similar accident happening to another worker.

Can I claim compensation from my employer and if so how much compensation can I claim?

Work machine accident solicitor response

It is very clear from the accident circumstances you have supplied that your employer should have had a guard on the machine to prevent any worker from suffering an injury to the hands and other body parts. You had highlighted the absence of a guard and your employer had failed to act, in addition immediately following your accident your employer put in place the safety guard which could have prevented your accident.

I have no doubt your employer is liable for the full extent of the injuries to your hand, thumb and fingers and for all of the financial loss you have incurred.

As your accident happened early this week it is not possible to value the amount of compensation you would receive. A time period is necessary for your injuries to commence the healing process and ideally three to six months following your accident an independent orthopaedic consultant surgeon should be instructed by your solicitor to compile a medical report setting out the exact nature of your injuries and what the future hold for your recovery.

It is extremely important that you contact a specialist work accident solicitor to ensure that your claim is run correctly and you receive the full amount of compensation.

In addition to the pain and suffering for your broken thumb and fingers injuries, which is worth from your description well over £10,000, you will been entitled to claim compensation your financial for expenses including lost income and any psychological injury such as post traumatic stress disorder.

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