Foot Injury Claim

Foot Injury Claim: How much compensation you can claim for injuries to your feet caused in a UK accident

Foot injury claim solicitor sets out the bones that make up your feet; the two main types of accident compensation you can claim for a foot injury with examples of compensation amounts for your foot injury claim – from sprains and broken bones to heel fractures and traumatic amputations.

What are the bones of your foot which can be injured in an accident?

Your foot consists of three main parts – the ankle, the toes and the remainder of the foot.

Your ankle bone is medically known as the talus bone and heel bone is known as the calcaneus bone.

Your great toe, second and third toes are connected to your ankle by the navicular bone, followed by three cuneiform bones and three metatarsal bones (one for each toe).

Your fourth toe and little toe are connected to your ankle by the cuboid bone and two metatarsal bones (one for each toe).

I have written a separate page for each part of the foot. Click ankle pain to read about how much compensation you can claim for ankle injuries (including injury to your Achilles tendon), click broken toe claim to read the page describing the toes and the amounts of compensation for all manner of toe injury.

This page sets out compensation amounts for all other parts of your foot and for injuries affecting the whole of your foot.

What types of compensation are you entitled to recover as part of your foot injury claim?

There are two main types of compensation which your solicitor can claim as part of your foot injury claim:

1. Financial losses

When you suffer a foot injury in an accident – it is likely that you will incur some financial losses and expenses. You might find the limitations of your injury affect your ability to work and consequently result in lost income; you might find that you need friends or family to help you whilst your recuperate (resulting in assistance in the home expenses); you might have to buy pain killers (resulting in medical expenses); you may have to travel regularly to your hospital and GP (resulting in medical and travel expenses).

All of these expenses and many more can be claimed as part of your compensation settlement.

Remember to make a note of your expenses and keep all relevant receipts.

2. Pain and Suffering

Each type of personal injury leads to pain and suffering, which you are entitled to claim compensation for. The amounts of compensation are decided by the courts over the years in previous cases.

Your lawyer will produce a medical report from an independent orthopaedic or podiatric consultant. This medical expert will produce a report describing the foot injuries you have suffered and giving an opinion as to what the future holds for your recovery.

Your solicitor will look at decisions made by the courts in the past for similar injuries and so decide a range of values your foot injury claim is worth.

Examples of compensation amounts for a foot injury claim

The amount of compensation for pain and suffering for various types of foot injury claim in 2019, include:

Foot Injury Claim

Foot Injury Claim

1. Simple fracture of a bone in the foot average claim payouts

A simple fracture which heals with no adverse affects to one of the bones that make up the foot as described earlier on this page – will lead to compensation amounts calculated for your foot injury claim of: up to £6,100

2. More serious fractures and injured tendons compensation settlements

Broken bones, fractures and torn or burst ligaments and tendons which lead to ongoing permanent symptoms of pain and stiffness whilst walking and deformity of the foot, could lead to a compensation settlement of: £6,100 – £22,000

3. Fusion of foot joints and broken heels compensation calculator

The two joints in the foot are the known as the transverse tarsal joint and the tarsometatarsal joint – if one of these joints has to be fused or if you fracture one or both of your heels requiring a fusion operation. Your injuries leave you with a deformity of the foot and limited function – the amount of compensation your foot injury claim is worth is calculated between: £22,000 – £61,500

4. Amputation of the foot or front of the foot claim payouts

In the most serious of foot injury claims – amputation of part of the foot, the whole of the foot or both feet might be necessary. This type of foot injury claim is likely to receive settlement monies of : £61,500 – £177,000

Summary of UK foot injury claim compensation amounts

On this page I have described the different parts of your foot that can be injured in an accident; given examples of how much your foot injury claim might be worth and described compensation settlements for foot injuries from minor to the most severe.

Each type of foot injury is unique, so I recommend you click foot compensation solicitor to view my website’s free online legal help – including an assessment of how much your foot injury claim is worth.