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Toe Injury Claim Payouts Calculator For Broken Bones / Fractures, Ligament Damage, Crush Injuries And Amputation

In this article – we look at the structure of your toe and set out the compensation amounts you can claim for a toe injury to one or more toes. Typical injuries include: fractures and broken bones, ligament and tendon injury, muscle damage and amputations.

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We start this article with a summary table of compensation payouts for pain, suffering and loss of amenity. Later in the article we explain in more detail the different aspects of each type of toe injury and how the calculations are made, so we recommend reading this article in full.

Payouts Table For Toe Injury Claims In 2023

Toe InjuryClaim Payout
Fracture – full recoveryup to £5,600
Fracture with ongoing symptoms£5,600 – £9,600
Multiple fractures£9,600 – £13,800
Partial / full amputation£13,800 – £21,100
Big toe amputation£27,400
Multiple amputations£36,500 – £56,100

What is a toe injury claim?

A toe injury claim describes a claim for compensation for your pain and suffering and financial loss caused by injury to your toe or toes in an accident, as a result of negligence or breach of statutory duty of another person or business.

To succeed with a toe injury claim – your solicitor must show that the person is legally at fault for causing your injury.

Legal Tip
Who is considered legally at fault might not be as obvious at it might initially seem.
We recommend – you contact a specialist solicitor or use our specialist solicitor free help to best determine who might be considered legally responsible for your toe injury claim.

What types of toe injury can you suffer?

There are many different types of injury you can suffer to your toes in an accident, including:

Broken / fractured toe

A fractured or broken toe is a very common type of injury – this can come from impacts (as in a car accident, motorcycle crash or pedestrian RTA); crush injuries (such as in the workplace by machinery or falling objects); tripping accidents (either at work or on the streets – stubbing your toe on a highway defect or an impact from a fall).

There are many different types of fracture you might suffer (such as hairline, simple, displaced fracture), See our fracture claims article setting out the different types of fractures and broken bones that can give rise to a toe injury claim

Crush injuries

Crush injuries can cause many different types of problems with your toes. For example – broken and fractured bones; tendon, ligament and soft tissue injuries – as well as burst injuries.

Sometimes crush injuries can cause pain throughout the whole of your foot and lead to such severe damage that toes are rendered useless and have to be amputated.


Very severe injuries to the toe and foot can render a toe useless and effectively lead to death of the toe and gangrene setting in. Gangrene can spread to healthy parts of the body if an amputation does not occur.

Amputations can be complete or partial. In a partial amputation – part of your toe is removed (for example, from the toe knuckle). In a full amputation the whole of your toe is removed.

The great or big toe is considered the most important toe on your foot for balance and function. If your great toe has to be amputated you – will be considered to have a serious toe injury claim , with a larger compensation calculator for average compensation payouts.

What are the names of the toes?

The toes are named in order from the big toe as follows: the great toe (or big toe), the second toe, the third toe, the fourth toe and the fifth toe (also known as the little toe or pinky toe).

broken toe x-ray
Broken Toe X-Ray

What are the parts of your toe that can be injured?

Your foot is a very similar structure to that of your hand, which is down to evolution.

Both your hands and feet were once used for gripping branches of trees, so the structure had to be similar.

As we evolved to stand erect – the feet became primarily used to walk on and the hands for gripping and using tools.

Toes and fingers have similar bones

Your toes are made up of similar bones to that which make up the fingers in your hand. All of which can be broken or fractured in an accident

Did you know?
Your big toe (also known as the great toe) has a similar structure to that of your thumb.

Phalange bones

Each toe is made up of three bones known as phalange bones.

Working from the lowest knuckle joining at the foot – they are known as the proximal phalange (from the knuckle to the first joint), the middle phalange (from the first to second joint on the toe) and the distal phalange (from the second joint to the end of the toe – housing the toe nail).

The big toe has two bones – the proximal and distal phalange.

The most common toe injury claim is for a broken or fractured toe or toes.

Tendons, ligaments and muscles

In addition to bones that can be fractured – your toes have various tendons, ligaments and muscles which can also be injured in an accident.

What if your suffer injury to your foot as well as your toes?

You may suffer injury to your toes as well as all or part of your foot. In this instance – your injury may be considered more serious and attract larger compensation payouts.

See our foot injury claim payouts article- setting our the amounts of compensation you can claim for injuries to the rest of the foot.

What types of compensation can you claim for a toe injury?

There are two types of compensation you can claim for broken or injured toes, that include:

Pain and suffering

Pain and suffering (and loss of amenity) – is compensation for the amount of pain and suffering you experience as a result of your toe injury itself. You may also be affected in the activities and hobbies you would ordinarily enjoy and this head of loss includes a sum for this too.

How can pain and suffering be calculated?
Leave this down to your solicitor.
A medico-legal report will be obtained describing the extent of your injury, time to recovery and any disability. Your solicitor will compare the injuries set out in the report to caselaw and judicial guidance to calculate your like toe injury claim payout.

Your past and future financial loss and expense

You are entitled to claim compensation for financial losses and expenses which flow directly from the injury. For example – a financial loss might be lost income whereas an expense might be medical expenses (such as teh cost of painkillers).

Examples of compensation calculations for toe injury claims?

The examples we give below relate to the pain and suffering for your toe injury itself – for claims concluding in 2023.

Remember – the figures are approximate and your injuries would need to be verified by an independent medical expert instructed by your solicitor.

The amount of compensation your toe injury claim is calculated at depends on the nature and severity of you injuries, some examples include:

Toe fractures and crushes with complete recovery

If you suffer a fracture to your toe or a crush injury, which has fully resolved or leaves minor on-going symptoms will lead to average compensation payouts calculated at up to £5,600

Fracture / crush injury with on-going symptoms

If your fracture or crush injury is not fully resolved and leaves permanent minor symptoms – your toe injury claim settlement is likely to be worth between £5,600 – £9,600

Multiple fractures or crush injuries to great toe

If you suffer a crush or fracture injury to your great toe or multiple fractures to other toes with permanent on-going pain and disability – average compensation payout amounts are likely to be calculated between £9,600 – £13,800

Partial / Full Amputation of one toe compensation payouts

A toe injury claim which results in a partial amputation or a full amputation of one toe (not the big toe which attracts more compensation monies) leads to settlement amounts of £13,800 – £21,100

Amputation of great / big toe claim payouts

The most important toe on your foot is the great or big toe. Should your big toe be partially or fully amputated – the amount of compensation your claim is likely to be calculated at around £37,400

Most severe toe injury payout amounts

In the worst kind of toe injury claim – you will have your great toe plus another of your toes or all of your toes amputated. In this instance – the amount of compensation you can receive for your toe injury claim will be calculated between £36,500 – £56,100

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