Toe Injury Claim

Toe Injury Claim: How to calculate the amount of average compensation payouts you can claim for injuries to your toes in a UK accident

Toe injury claim: UK solicitor sets out the different types of injury you can suffer in an accident; calculations of average compensation payouts for fractures, crush injuries, partial amputations and full amputation with free online specialist lawyer help with making your toe injury claim.

What is a toe injury claim?

A toe injury claim describes a claim for compensation if you have suffered injury to your toe or toes in an accident as a result of the negligence or legal fault of another.

Who is at legally at fault might not be as obvious at it might initially seem to establish, so it is always best if you are suffered a toe injury to contact a specialist solicitor to discuss who can be held legally responsible for your toe injury claim.

toe injury claim

Toe Injury Claim

There are many different types of injury you can suffer to your toes in an accident, including:

1. Fractured toe injury claims

A fractured or broken toe is a very common type of injury – this can come from impacts (as in a car accident, motorcycle crash or pedestrian RTA); crush injuries (such as in the workplace by machinery or falling objects); tripping accidents (either at work or on the streets – stubbing your toe on a highway defect or an impact from a fall).

There are many different types of fracture you might suffer (such as hairline, simple, displaced fracture) – click fracture claims to see a page I have written setting out the different types of fractures or broken bones that can give rise to a toe injury claim.

2. Crush toe injuries

Crush injuries can cause many different types of problems with toes – not only broken and fractured bones, also tendon, ligament, soft tissue injuries as well as burst injuries.

Sometimes crush injuries can cause pain throughout the whole of your foot and lead to such severe damage that toes are rendered useless and have to be amputated.

3. Amputation toe and foot injury claims

Very severe injuries to the toe and foot can render a toe useless and effectively lead to death of the toe and gangrene setting in. Gangrene can spread to healthy parts of the body if an amputation does not occur.

Amputations can be complete or partial – in a partial amputation part of your toe is removed (for example from the toe knuckle)and in a full amputation the whole of the toe is removed.

The great or big toe is considered the most important toe on your foot for balance and function – if this toe has to be amputated you will be considered to have a serious foot injury with a larger compensation calculator for average compensation payouts.

How much compensation can your receive for your toe injury claim?

The amount of compensation your toe injury claim is calculated at depends on the nature and severity of you injuries, some examples of average claim payouts in 2018, include:

1. Toe fractures and crushes with complete recovery

If you suffer a fracture to your toe or a crush injury, which has fully resolved or leaves minor on-going symptoms will lead to average compensation payouts calculated at: Up to £5,000

2. Fracture / crush injury with on-going symptoms

If your fracture or crush injury is not fully resolved and leaves permanent minor symptoms – your toe injury claim settlement is likely to be worth between: £5,000 – £8,500

3. Multiple fractures or crush injuries to great toe

If you suffer a crush or fracture injury to your great toe or multiple fractures to other toes with permanent on-going pain and disability – average compensation payout amounts are likely to be calculated between: £8,500 – £12,000

4. Amputation of toe

A toe injury claim which results in a partial amputation or a full amputation of one toe (not the big toe which attracts more compensation money) leads to settlement amounts of: £11,000 – £18,500

5. Amputation of great / big toe

The most important toe on your foot is the great or big toe – if this is partially or fully amputated following an accident the amount of compensation your average claim payout is likely to be up to: £27,500

6. Most severe toe injury claims

In the worst kind of toe injury claim you will have your great toe and another toe or all of your toes amputated. The amount of compensation you can receive for your toe injury claim will be calculated between: £32,000 – £49,000

Free online specialist solicitor help and assistance with your toe injury claim

If you would like to make a toe injury claim or discuss your accident and injuries, including the amount of compensation your average payout is likely to be calculated at, click toe injury claim.