Fatal Accident Claims

Fatal Accident Claims: How do my family and I make a claim following my father’s death in a UK road traffic accident?

Fatal accident claims: My dad was recently killed in a car accident.  The driver of the car that killed him is currently awaiting a criminal trial.

I am 28 and have lived with my parents all my life.

This has understandably caused irreparable pain and heartache for my whole family.

Fatal Accident Claim Solicitor Response

To make fatal accident claims in the United Kingdom following a road traffic accident I recommend you consider the following:

Fatal accident claims

Fatal Accident Claims

1. The two types of fatal accident claims in the United Kingdom

There are two main compensation claims that can be made in the UK for a fatal accident include:

A. Fatal accident compensation on behalf of your father, the deceased, made by the representatives of his estate. This will include funeral expenses and the pain and suffering of your father from the date of the car accident to the date of his death.

B. Fatal accident claims made by the bereaved and dependents of the deceased – this will include compensation claims by family members and children for your father’s fatal car accident.

2. Consider the law in relation to UK fatal accident claims

There are two main pieces of law that describe the types of fatal accident claims that can be made, which I have described and provided the links for on a separate page.

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3. Claim compensation from the driver at fault via his insurance company

If the driver who caused the fatal car accident was insured – his insurers should deal with the compensation payment for fatal accident claims. If the driver was not insured the Motor Insurers Bureau should pay compensation.

Click accident car insurance to discover how motor vehicle insurance will pay compensation on behalf of the driver at fault including accident claims when a driver is uninsured

4. Ensure you use a fatal accident claims solicitor

Fatal accident compensation claims are notoriously difficult and require specialist expertise.  I recommend you choose a solicitor very carefully or alternatively use the link below to complete a confidential online form and I will have a specialist fatal accident solicitor contact you free of charge to discuss your potential claim.

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