pedestrian crossing accidents

Pedestrian Crossing Accidents: How to claim for injuries if a vehicle collides with a pedestrian on a zebra or pelican crossing

Pedestrian crossing accidents: UK solicitor sets out the types of pedestrian crossing accidents in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, including zebra crossings, pelican crossings, toucan and puffin crossings; how to show a motorist liable for your injuries; why passnegrs in vehicles can also claim compensation for injuries and what you should do if you are injured in a pedestrian crossing accident.

pedestrian crossing accidents

Pedestrian Crossing Accidents

What are the different types of pedestrian crossing accidents you can have?

There are a number of different types of pedestrian crossing accidents which pedestrians can have in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, which include accidents on:

1. Zebra crossings

Zebra crossings have red and white parallel lines across the road – typically with flashing round lights at each side of the pavement were the crossing begins and ends.

The presence of a zebra crossing should put motorists on notice that pedestrians might be about to cross so care should be taken even if within the speed limit in the approach to the zebra crossing.

A pedestrian should heed the traffic before stepping onto the zebra crossing, but once on the crossing a pedestrian typically has the right of way.

It is extremely rare that you will ever be found 100% at fault for pedestrian crossing accidents no matter how careless you have been – this is especially the case for zebra crossings.

In the majority of cases motorists will be found at fault for not approaching the zebra crossing with due care – although a you might be found as a pedestrian to have contributed to your injuries if care was not taken when using the crossing.

2. Pelican crossing

A pelican crossing is a crossing pedestrian crossing with lights. The crossing is controlled by pedestrians who press a button to allow the lights to change to stop vehicles on the road and allow pedestrians to safely cross.

Pedestrians should only cross when the green man is showing or continue crossing when the green man is flashing. If the green man is flashing when a you are about to cross the pelican crossing you should not start to across until the next solid green man is shown.

When a red man is showing – you should not attempt to start crossing the road.

Motorists should pay heed when approaching a pelican crossing even if the lights are in the motorists’ favour. Most injuries to pedestrians on pelican crossings will most likely be the fault of the motorist. This is especially true for pedestrian crossing accidents with children involved – even if the lights are not in the favour of the child.

Again – deductions from compensation for contributory negligence are likely if proceeding when the lights are not in the pedestrian’s favour.

3. Toucan and Puffin crossings

Both of these crossings operate in a similar manner to pelican crossings, but have different positioning of the green and red man and allow cyclists to cross as well as pedestrians.

Again pedestrian accident claims are likely to be successful at toucan and puffin crossings with a risk of deductions for contributory negligence.

Who is liable for pedestrian crossing accidents?

Every pedestrian crossing accident claim is decided on its own facts, but as a general rule motorists will held liable in most instances were an accident at a crossing involves a pedestrian especially if the pedestrian is a child – who is considered a more vulnerable member of society and is typically less careful than an adult when crossing a road.

Motorists might include: car drivers, bus drivers, motor cyclists, truck drivers, taxi drivers, van drivers, etc.

Can passengers in a motor vehicle involved in a pedestrian crossing accident make a claim?

”Yes” – passengers who are injured in a vehicle due to an accident at a pedestrian crossing are very likely to succeed in a claim against the driver of the vehicle involved in a claim for compensation.

What should you do if you or your child wishes to make a pedestrian crossing accident claim?

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I will be able to assess if you have a potential claim and take the steps necessary for you to recover the pedestrian crossing accidents compensation you deserve.