Head Injury Claims

Head Injury Claims: Solicitor gives examples of the amount of compensation you can claim for acquired head and brain injuries

Discover what an acquired brain head injury claim is, how your solicitor calculates the amount of compensation to claim for your pain and suffering and financial losses. See examples of how much compensation you can expect for different types of head injury and brain damage.

What are acquired head injury claims?

An acquired head injury is sometimes known as an acquired brain injury or an ABI. It is injury or damage to your head or brain caused in a trauma as compared with a head or brain injury which you are born with.

If your acquired head or brain injury was caused in an accident for which someone is considered legally liable or legally at fault, you are likely to be entitled to make a claim for compensation. Such a claim is known as a head injury claim for compensation.

How does your solicitor know how much to claim in compensation on your behalf?

Your lawyer will acquire a medical report on your behalf describing exactly what your head injuries are and what the future holds for your symptoms. This report will most likely be produced by a consultant neurosurgeon.

Your solicitor will thereafter look at the severity of your head and brain injuries set out in the medical report, find cases decided previously by the courts for similar injuries (known as case law ), look at a summary of compensation amounts decided by the courts in a book known as the Judicial College Guidelines. Based upon all this information, your solicitor will calculate how much compensation you can claim for what is known as the pain and suffering for your injury.

In addition to the pain and suffering for your injury, your solicitor will also look at all the financial losses you have incurred – which might include medical expenses, lost income, travel expenses, rehabilitation expenses, etc. The total of your past and future losses will be calculated and added to your pain and suffering compensation to decide how much compensation you can claim.

In addition to the final compensation settlement figure calculated, you might also be entitled to interest on your compensation and your legal costs in pursuing your claim.

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Head Injury Compensation Claims

Examples of average compensation payout amounts for various brain and head injury claims

We have set out below a description of some types of head and brain injury with a range of compensation amounts you could expect to receive for a claim which is concluded in 2022:

1. Minor head injury average claim payouts

If the symptoms of your head injury fully resolve in a couple of weeks you compensation will be calculated at: up to £2,000

2. Minor head injury with slight brain damage compensation calculator

If you have a head injury with very minor brain damage which you recover from or slight headaches which are ongoing will lead to settlements between: £2,000 – £12,000

3. Ongoing brain damage settlements

Brain damage can have varying effects on your ability to function. It could affect your ability to function socially, your ability to work, your ability to concentrate, there might be a risk of epilepsy or it might cause you disability leading to average claim payouts between: £14,400 – £265,000

4. Serious brain damage compensation amounts

In the worst cases of brain damage, you might find your life expectancy reduced, you might be unable to communicate properly and you might be seriously disabled: £265,000 – £379,000

Summary of head and brain injury compensation amounts

In this article you have seen how a solicitor determines the amount of compensation you can claim – with examples of average compensation amounts for your acquired brain and head injury claims.

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