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Rehabilitation Of Spine And Head: Claim The Expense As Part Of Your Personal Injury Compensation

The cost of rehabilitation for an injury to your spine and head, especially if paid for privately, can be immense.

This article explains which accidents can cause the need for rehabilitation of spinal and head injuries, how you know what rehabilitation will be necessary, why it is likely to cost a lot of money and how to claim the expense from the person responsible for your accident.

What is a compensation claim for rehabilitation of spine and head injuries?

Should you need this treatment as a result of an accident or due to the legal fault of another (including businesses) – you are likely to be entitled to claim the expense as part of your compensation in addition to a payment for damages for the pain and suffering of the injury itself and other types of financial loss and expense, such as lost income.

What is rehabilitation for head and spine injuries?

Rehabilitation describes the process and treatment necessary for you to recover from very serious injury.

Where recovery is not possible – rehabilitation can be used to limit the effects on your life of serious injuries so far as is possible.

Serious brain and head injuries

Acquired head injuries are typically very serious and are sometimes referred to as a traumatic brain injuries (TBI) or acquired brain injury (ABI).

Serious spinal injuries

The more serious spinal injuries can affect the top spine (cervical), mid spine (thoracic), lower spine (lumbar) and in the most serious cases all three parts of the spine.

When will rehabilitation be necessary following an accident?

An injury to the spine or the head can cause very significant effects to your life as can any serious injury.

We tend to find that rehabilitation for these types of serious injuries is essential to allow the victim to recover as effectively as possible and lead a normal life.

Physical and psychological symptoms

Until you have suffered such an injury it is very difficult to appreciate – there are not only the physical symptoms to contend with, but also the psychological damage that can be caused.

We have known small injuries, especially to children, to shatter confidence and lead to life changing consequences if not properly treated. The worse the injury you suffer, the more far reaching the consequences are likely to be.

serious accident neck back head brain injuries
Serious Accident Causing Spine And Head Injuries

Permanent debilitating symptoms

Injuries can not only be severe, but some injuries can cause long lasting or even permanent symptoms. Spinal and head injuries can be very debilitating as they affect two very important parts of the body.

Chronic pain
Symptoms which are long lasting are known as “chronic” symptoms.

How do you know what types of rehabilitation you will need?

You really have no way of knowing the treatment and support you need as part of your rehabilitation – neither does your personal injury solicitor.

Rehabilitation expert

To find out your needs, you lawyer should instruct a rehabilitation expert to complete a report.

The report will be based on an assessment of your injuries and further treatment, an examination of your current accommodation, a description of the care support you have and an assessment of future treatment.

Is rehabilitation of spine and head injuries expensive?

“Yes” – the cost of rehabilitation can be enormous depending the severity of your injuries. It is of course hoped that your injuries will be short lived, but when injuries are disabling the costs of rehabilitation can run into hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of pounds.

House converted

It is not unknown for personal injury victims to have their whole house converted to cater for their impaired mobility and even on occasion to need a bigger more suitable property to allow them to live comfortably.

Home care and medical equipment

Sometimes home care, medical equipment and counselling for the rest of victims lives is also necessary.

When can rehabilitation of spinal and head injuries be claimed in compensation?

Your accident lawyer will explain when you are entitled to claim the costs of rehabilitation as part of your compensation.

Generally speaking the cost of rehabilitation can only obtained when the spinal and head injuries are severe.

What types of accident can cause serious injury warranting rehabilitation?

There are a number of different types of accident which can cause acquired head and spine injuries.

Some examples of typical serious accidents, include:

Motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists are unprotected road users and when high speed collisions occur with larger vehicles – serious injury can occur.

See our motorcycle accident article for more details about making a motorbike accident claim.

Fall from height work accidents

Another type of accident that can lead to serious head and spinal injuries – include fall from heights at work. This might be a fall from scaffolding, a defective roof or an unsecured ladder.

How much compensation can be claimed for head and spine injuries?

Our spinal injury claims and acquired brain injury compensation articles – give examples of all manner of head and spine injury with calculations of compensation payouts for each.


In this article we have set out the importance of rehabilitation of spinal and head injuries following a serious accident and why this large expense can often be claimed as part of your compensation.

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